Obliterating "Approach Anxiety".

You know how the "experts" out there tell men to "think POSITIVE" when it comes to approaching women?
They say things Like “You can get her! Go up to her and approach her!!! She’s yours!”
Or how about this one:
“Don’t worry about rejection! She WON’T reject you!”

Well, the truth is, this “THINK POSITIVE” advice only works if you ALREADY are 99% confident !

For example, a gifted athlete who is already super confident about his abilities in his sport will do even
better if he focuses on "thinking positive”.

He already has TONS of confidence, but if he can just learn to think TOTALLY positive, he will then be
FULLY confident, he will gain that 1% that he was missing.

Similarly, positive thinking when it comes to approaching women is great, IF you are ALREADY doing AMAZING.
But this lucky "amazing" situation, when it comes to men approaching women, does NOT apply to 99%
of the entire male population!

Most of us are just NORMAL human beings, who need something MORE powerful than just "positive thinking"
to overcome the barriers we feel internally when we want to approach women.

In fact, if you are trying to get your "foot in the door", so to speak, when wanting to approach a woman,

then trying to "think positive" can actually be the WORST thing you can do for yourself!
Trying to think "positive" can actually make you far MORE ANXIOUS about yourself and about your
chances of success!

The reason for this is because when you TELL yourself not to worry because "everything will be great and she
will want me", you end up even LESS confident, as deep down, burning stronger and stronger, with every
"wishful thought" is the OPPOSITE thought, the most negative thought:


This feeling is even MORE intense if she is a KNOCKOUT and she seems to be busy with something already.  It can make you feel like you are DISTURBING her.

The more a man tries to "be positive and NOT think negative" the more powerful the negative thoughts
become, till they are overwhelming

Plus, the contrast between the "positive wish" and the very real fear of the actual WORST makes the
fear even more overwhelming!

I should know, I used to try to "pump myself up"with just using "positive thinking" for YEARS and it often made me LESS confident.

Here’s the other thing to realize as well: You gain deep, inner core confidence NOT from "thinking nice positive confident thoughts" so much as from TAKING THE RIGHT ACTIONS!

After learning all this the HARD WAY, I have broken it all down into an EASY to understand, step-by-step PROVEN METHOD for destroying ALL inner doubts, anxieties, and fears about approaching women.

I designed this course so that you can master these skills QUICKLY.

It's all been perfectly organized into a JAM-PACKED 1 HOUR AUDIO program that is pure GOLD.

The bottom line is, if you don’t approach women, then no matter how skilled you are, NOTHING will happen.  You can’t stand around expecting women to initiate or you are really just depending on luck.

It's not that women are lazy about approaching men, as once a woman is attracted to a man, she will
pursue him to the ends of the earth.

Women don't want to have to do the first approach because women feel that it is more MANLY for the
MAN to do the initial approach. 

In addition to this, there's ANOTHER important reason why YOU should do the approach:

It's because it sends the right message to a woman when she sees that YOU approached HER, and she then realizes that the same way you were able to approach her, you could also approach OTHER women even if they are total strangers, if she doesn’t treat you right.

This helps ensure that she never takes you for granted.

Being pro-active about approaching women first tells a woman ALL THE RIGHT THINGS about you before
you even open your mouth!

Waiting for a woman to approach YOU says all the WRONG things.

Right now, at the very moment you are reading this,there are TONS of women around you who are single! In fact there have never been more single women in history than there are today.
But nothing will happen if you don’t take action to approach these women in the first place.
And although you can meet women online, the REALITY is that the CONFIDENCE that comes from being able to approach women ANYWHERE in the REAL world SPILLS OVER into ALL of your interactions with women, no matter where you meet them.
Women can tell right away that they are dealing with a man who has OPTIONS.
You will be radiating this confidence without even thinking about it, it will come through in your thoughts,
body language, and tonality.
Plus, when a woman senses you can approach other women, you ALWAYS become more attractive to her.

It is far more VALIDATING to her self-esteem since she knows you could have chosen a billion other
women INSTEAD OF HER, but you decided to approach and chat with HER.
She can detect this confidence in a MICROSECOND, I promise you that.
She can also detect a LACK of this confidence just as instantaneously.

OBLITERATING "approach anxiety" is absolutely crucial.

If you are only relying on the women that fall into your lap through introductions or through “luck” you are
going to be waiting FOREVER to meet the right woman.

On top of that, you’re also going to be so starved for female attention, that chances are you will become
needy and weak around the women that DO come your way, since you won’t have as many OPTIONS at your fingertips.
You can CHANGE all this with getting over "approach anxiety" once and for ALL.
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Your Friend,

Michael Marks