After YEARS of testing THOUSANDS of ideas out in the REAL WORLD of meeting women at clubs, bars, malls, bookstores, the street, public transportation, and even online, and what I’ve discovered will REVOLUTIONIZE the human concept of attraction, and more importantly, get you women with FASTER RESULTS than ANYTHING else offered out there.

The greatest damn feeling in the world is when you know that a woman that you are MASSIVELY attracted to is NUTS about you. You feel on top of the world, you feel ALIVE, you feel GREAT. It also gives you the confidence to accomplish ANYTHING. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it on earth.

This feeling is so great, that the idea of NOT ever having it is DEVASTATING.

And that’s a disastrous feeling I experienced for MANY YEARS.

I grew up really conservative, as a teenager I was not even allowed to talk to girls or look at girls! I was sent to all-boys schools, and then finally managed a scheme to “escape” to a public co-ed school. I thought things would be great, just like they were on TV shows like Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210, where the guy gets the girl in the end. In those shows, the guy gets the girl because he wants her, and because he is good, and because he persists.

TV shows were my only frame of reality back in those days.

Remember, I was not even allowed to talk to girls before that point.

Man, was I in for a lot of punishment.

All the social brainwashing that I had been immersed in since birth, regarding what women are supposedly attracted to, almost cost me my sanity. When you are giving everything you have to attract the woman or women you want, day in and day out, for YEARS on end, based on advice that you REALLY BELIEVE, and yet you get ZERO RESULTS, the feelings of depression and loneliness are so horrible that I do not wish that upon ANYONE. It’s even worse when you are brainwashed to believe that the girl you are most attracted to is your “soul mate”, which makes you try even harder and harder no matter how horrible she treats you.

The thing about me is that I never lacked guts. I never had a problem going UP to a girl, even if it meant my heart was pounding like it was going to explode. I just had no idea about the TRUTH of attraction and the truth about the way things work with women.

It’s not like I couldn’t attract any decently “hot” girls, it’s just that I couldn’t attract the girls I was MOST interested in, and what is the point of being with a girl if you are not INTERESTED in her yourself?

Another thing about me is that I was never interested in being a “player”.

In fact, the very idea revolted me.

I just wanted ONE AWESOME woman who had it ALL.

Sexy, sweet, faithful, fun, and all that stuff!

It never happened.

That is, until one day, after years of abuse, years of no results, years of pain, got me to the point that I was TOTALLY AND UTTERLY CONVINCED that I had been absorbing, reading, and feeding on a bunch of lies and deceits, either intentionally or because of the utter ignorance of most “experts”.

The bottom line is that once I had TOTALLY proved to myself that all the advice I had been told was WRONG, I then began to COMPLETELY RECONSTRUCT MY FRAME OF REALITY, PIECE BY PIECE. (And believe me, I tested all the advice that was already out there, because I wanted to make sure that I had tried EVERYTHING. I had to know in my gut that I had truly from the depths of my soul given women a totally fair chance with the “old” school strategies.)

I made sure that THIS time, my frames had to be CONSISTENT with REALITY. Any “idea” or “strategy” would be TESTED hundreds of times, and would only be accepted if it CONSISTENTLY worked.

One of the ironies was around this same time, there was suddenly a plethora of guys claiming to have the “answers” to attracting women, based on “new radical ideas”. I was curious to see what they had to say. To make a long story short, a lot of these ideas were based on the concept of getting a woman into bed as quickly as possible, with the belief that once a woman has sex with you, she will then usually want to keep seeing you, etc.

Although there were SOME truths to what these guys were saying, the problem is that it was mixed with a HELL of a lot of LIES and DISTORTIONS about reality that actually spelled disaster for any long term success with any quality woman. In general, in order to make their strategy work, you had to limit your choices to girls who were basically not of the highest caliber. I don’t know about you, but personally I’m not into girls who smoke, drink heavily, take drugs, and change partners more frequently than they do their underwear.

These guys would be quick to deny all this, but the fact is that I met these guys, I even spent months mastering their “systems” better than their most devoted students. I found out all about their standard operating procedures, and most importantly, I found that their whole system is based on sleaze. No wonder that the girls, their lifestyle, their values, all ended up screaming the words “sleazebag city”. Like attracts like.

Also, the approach these guys had to “success” was a DEFINITE formula for DISASTER for any successful long term relationship. I learned this the hard way several times, again because I needed to prove it to myself to know for sure.



In fact, when I would ask these guys too many questions about how to meet better quality women, and “how about relationships?”, I would get the same attitude from them that I got from the teachers in my old schools: That something was wrong with ME for even ASKING this stuff.

Fast forward to today:

So, all on my own, I continued on a journey to REALLY figure this stuff out, at the DEEPEST LEVELS, the levels that no one had the guts or the will to figure out.

Since that period over three years ago, I watched as an OCEAN of material was unleashed onto the public by every Tom, Dick, and Harry, claiming he had the answers on how to attract women, how to be successful with women, etc. I thought it might be useful, it might be something new, something to take me to a higher level, something to help explain how to be successful with higher quality women, something that really explained it all on the deepest levels.

So I checked it all out.

But it was all the same basic stuff, rehashed and repackaged and marketed as the supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was kind of disappointed, because I actually WISHED SOMEONE HAD FIGURED THIS STUFF OUT so that I could finally know the answers myself.

You see, deep down, all this stuff is a PERSONAL journey for me, I NEEDED to know the answers.

So for the next THREE YEARS, I did not release a SINGLE product.

I just continued my INSATIABLE thirst to figure this stuff out, thinking about it, researching, experimenting with it, practicing in the real world as well.

What started to happen was that I started to get glimpses of what was going to be the “BIG ONE”.

I knew I was onto something HUGE, and that I had just touched the tip of the iceberg. Each glimpse, each hint, each idea, each answer, actually led to a hundred more BURNING questions, questions that everyone else was overlooking and had never even thought of asking.

I was obsessed. I started to realize that what I was actually doing was actually figuring out human EMOTION, not just sexual attraction. In fact, attraction IS about many different emotions combined. And THIS is what everyone else was ignoring, to their DETRIMENT.

And then, when I realized a certain pattern, it was INSANE: It unlocked a torrential flood of ideas, that just kept on coming and coming and coming. For THREE YEARS, I OBSESSIVELY TOOK NOTES on all these ideas, constantly refining my thoughts, my understandings, and incorporating new thoughts and discoveries.

All this led to the “BIG ONE”.


This was not made by a bunch of nerds locked up in a library with books.

It was learned by applying EVERYTHING I had learned from years of doing pickup ON THE STREETS, IN CLUBS, IN LIBRARIES, BOOKSTORES, COLLEGES, and tons of other places where real women can be found, and COMBINING that with my insight on emotion, which itself is the result of years of research and professional experience.

In other words, it’s all grounded in the REAL WORLD.

It’s based on RESULTS.



As time goes by, this will be the standard to which all other experts will have to rewrite their books. And now, I am ready to share these discoveries with you, in a perfect and polished form.

What you will receive is a professionally studio-recorded and organized series of MP3s spanning over TEN HOURS that cover EVERYTHING you need to know about being successful with women at a level you’ve never dreamed possible. I worked tirelessly to make the material easy to understand, and I insisted on the most impeccable production values.

The program also come with a comprehensive and extensive digital e-workbook that will help you recap what you learn and reinforce all the crucial information contained within the MP3s. Just creating this workbook alone was a painstaking process that was completed with patient devotion.

And everything has been packaged together with the styling, professionalism, and quality you have come to expect from The Dating Wizard. I really am proud of this baby.

You can order this incredible series right now by clicking here.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg of what you are going to learn in this series:

What attraction really is, that NOBODY has ever told you before.

Why “players” NEVER, EVER, get the BEST women.

The secret to being a good guy who gets women.

The TRUTH about all human emotions. You will never think the same way again after learning this.

When being “nice” is the greatest thing you could do for your results.

How to attain the crucial STATE OF MIND you need for success.

How to get women EMOTIONAL.

The crucial link between ALL FORMS OF ATTRACTION.

A totally NEW perspective on humor that will blow your mind and be EXTREMELY EASY TO APPLY in your actual interactions with women.

How to eliminate the “creepy vibes” that most guys exude.

How to KEEP an interaction GOING successfully for as long as you want, from the FIRST moment you meet her, so that by the time you get her number, you don’t have to worry about her “flaking” since you will already have formed a powerful bond.

The TRUTH about rapport/bonding/comfort, so that you can ENJOY being with a woman as opposed to THINKING all the time “Am I doing this right? Am I doing this wrong?”

The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Woman

The TRUTH about Self-Esteem

How Women Actually Perceive Themselves

The Unique Combination Of Emotional States you must experience to unleash TRUE “Inner Game”.

Understanding The Difference Between Attraction And Horniness

How To Create A Compelling And Unique Personality

The Shocking Truth About Jealousy

The EFFECTIVE way to be dominant.

A COMPLETE break-down of an effective interaction, from first glance and first approach all the way to the exact words and tonality being used, to how to progress to having fun under the covers, to a relationship if you desire one with her.

Commitment And Emotional Leverage

Congruent Inner Voice

The Truth about Masculinity

Breaking Rapport

Being Sexual

Controlling The Frame

Amplifying Her Sexual Hunger

Sexual Vibing

The Importance Of Unleashing Her Sexuality ASAP, and Exactly How To Do This

How To Optimize Your Visuals For Attraction

Masculine, Confident Body Language

How To Optimize Your Voice

Using The Sense Of Touch In Powerful Ways

Reverse Rationalization

Being Mysterious And Intriguing

Pursuing Your Individuality

Ugly Vs. Sexy: The Shocking TRUTH

The Importance of Timing In Your Interactions

Help Her Imagine The Future

How To Put A Woman Into A State Of Awesome Emotions

Dealing With Other Guys

Changing Locations/Venues

Mixing Emotions To Enhance Attraction

Eliminating The Fear Of Approaching

Escalating From No-Contact To Contact Early On

Crucial Sex Insights

The Importance Of Developing The Right Lifestyle


High Self Esteem Women And Determining A Woman’s Values

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Too Caught Up In Her Friends

This is the series you have been waiting for, and it’s finally here.

This program is EVEN MORE POWERFUL if you already have my WARRIOR WITHIN program, as "Warrior" gives you the infinite CONFIDENCE and "inner game" to truly make the MOST of the strategies you learn in Attraction Mastery.  It's similar to an athlete having a rock solid FOUNDATION before incorporating the other strategies and tactics into his repertoire.

Quite simply, this  is the most comprehensive resource on this topic you will find anywhere on the planet.

And it could be yours.

The reality is that there is no way to put a price on something that took this much effort, and has this much power. I mean, think about it, how much would it be worth to you if you KNEW that this could SERIOUSLY TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND with women? Five hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand?

I am going all-out by making this incredible program available for
only $300

Order now and download INSTANTLY by clicking here.

I look forward to changing your life with women forever with this incredible program.


Michael Marks


...This series has changed the way I look at not only every single interaction I have with women, but it changes the way I actually experience the entire world. To say “thank you” is ridiculous, how do you sufficiently thank someone with words, someone who has changed your life in the most powerful way? By the way, I am doing so insanely well with the most gorgeous women I have ever met, that I feel humbled by the power, I am NOT going to abuse this. I hope the world gives you the credit that you deserve for creating this masterpiece.

Gregory, UK.

Hey Mike, I’m not a very “formal” guy, I haven’t ever written a single letter to any guy for any product ever. But man, I just HAD to write in to you, because I have never been so empowered in my damn life!!! I’m a pretty successful dude, own my own business, and never did too badly with women, but it was all luck back then. I would go sometimes years between relationships, hoping and wondering when the next great woman would come into my life, if it ever happened. Well, I got your series three weeks ago, listened to the whole thing in a few days, where every night I got almost no sleep because I couldn’t put your stuff away. It’s the truth man...Anyway, I’m sending this to you as a testimonial, a form of thanks, that I hope you print and I hope some good guy out there reads this and realizes that he can change his life with women, and that it won’t take long if he is prepared to accept what you say.

Sincerely, Ronald P. - L.A., California

Hey Michael,

Man! I just came in from, honestly, having the most mind blowing sex with the most incredibly gorgeous woman I have ever met. I feel like maybe somebody is going to pinch me and I’m going to wake up from a dream where I got this guy’s system, a guy who calls himself “The Dating Wizard”, and that I basically put it to the test, and had a choice of many awesome women, and then chose one, and then got her. So, even if this is a dream, I’m still going to write you a letter, because that is what I would do in real life to say the most heartfelt thank you on earth. Thank you, Michael, and I hope I never wake up from this dream.

Best Regards, Harrison K. - NYC, USA.

MICHAEL! I LOVE YOU!!! I don’t care about the homophobic stuff, man, you are THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ...I want to listen to the whole thing all over again, because there is so much more I appreciate every time I listen to it. It’s insane. I don’t even care about anything else anymore, this is not right man, you have me addicted to your stuff! I have to remember to do things like eating because seriously man, once I turn your stuff on, I can’t get myself to turn it off, there is just too much important stuff in there.

I’m sure you get tons of letters like this, but I feel good writing to you anyway, it’s my way of expressing my appreciation for what you did. The crazy thing is that I used to use online dating as a “crutch”, and got “okay” results, nothing great. But since listening to your series and following it seriously, I realize that the reason I was using online dating was actually the same reason I was screwing up with women in real places like the mall or clubs or cafes, etc. I now have literally over a dozen smoking hot women that are calling me, messaging me, trying to get me to meet up with them, and I met them in clubs and cafes, and one of them works at a local library.

Now that I finally understand and feel the big picture because of your series, I decided to dabble just for fun with online dating again, just to see what would happen. Well, I pretty much cleaned up online as well, in fact in an instant message, this super hot woman actually told me that she’d never met someone in real life or online who seemed so confident, comfortable, and fun, in her life. She even verbalized the words “it’s very attractive!!!” The thing is, I don’t see the point in online dating for me anyway, because it’s easier, more convenient, and more efficient, for me to just meet women in real life.

Kyle T. - Wisconsin, USA

Hey Michael,

Once in while, someone great comes along to revolutionize something critical in our lives. In our society, we have undergone great changes in the past few decades in the way most men and women perceive and relate to each other. Several have tried to “force” a solution, using half-baked and distorted theories of “alpha male” jerks, with monstrous side effects as a result, especially in regards to long term success with any woman.

Bravo, Michael. With your permission, I would love to bring your materials into the lectures I deliver at the university. I believe there is no other material that even remotely approaches yours on this subject.

Sincerely, Kenneth T. - Perth, Australia

Hey man,

The biggest reason why I decided to give your series a chance is because I have followed your stuff ever since the beginning and you were the first guy out there to mark a path that didn’t involve weird or manipulative stuff. Your book rocks, your newsletters kick ass, and you’re the only guy that is congruent to his own message. So when I heard about your series, my expectations were pretty damn high. And brother, you delivered and then some.

Let me cut to the chase: My success with women took off to a whole new level entirely. It’s like wherever I am, I can’t help it, I just naturally now do the things that keep attracting women. ...And by the way, I do plan to settle down, I’m just finding out which one is really the best match for me, and having the time of my life in doing so! Also, man, the information you wrote on enhancing the sexual experience for the woman is scary good. How the hell did you figure all this stuff out? Anyways, I just had to tell you how massively satisfied I am with your latest work, you really captured magic here.

James W. - Toronto, Canada

Hello Michael,

It’s hard to describe the sensation of waking up from a lifetime of being pretty much asleep emotionally to all the amazing emotions we as men can experience from being with a hot, sexy, fun, confident and good woman.

That pretty much was me until I recently heard of your series through a respected columnist in a major newspaper. I thought it was pretty amazing that a normal and sexy woman who had nothing to gain was totally cool and supportive of the stuff that you taught. That’s when I knew that I had to try your series out.

...Within MOMENTS, I was hooked. This was something big. The next day at work, I was just counting down the minutes till I could get home and continue the series. Ten to twelve hours later, my mind felt like it had been through another dimension.

For the past several years, I have pretty much avoided the whole dating scene, it was simply too loaded with negative associations for me, too little results, simply not worth the pain. But as I finally learned from your series, my whole paradigm was wrong, this was not only causing me to screw up with women, but also causing me to feel pretty much “asleep” emotionally as well, in general. It was affecting my entire life. Michael, your material has not only given me far greater success with women than I have ever had (I met a beautiful woman at a singles event three weeks ago, and we have already been shall we say “intimate”) but also has liberated me from worrying about what she thinks or what any woman thinks. I don’t mean this in a nasty way, I mean it in a way where I am simply feeling so awesome that my emotions don’t depend on any one woman, and I know that there are tons of women out there now, I can finally feel it in my bones.

This has affected me in such an incredible way in so many areas of my life, it really is true that when you have the “women” part of your life figured out, so many other things really take off as well, most importantly your own emotions.

Luke H. - Montreal

"Attraction Mastery Program".