I watched as all the men who seemed to be the OPPOSITE of what women said they wanted 
seemed to get all the women, and not just ordinary women but extremely beautiful women.​

And when I finally turned things around for myself, I made it my mission to not only teach men what I had learned, but to teach it in the most clear way possible, and not to sell out or resort to half-truths through the use of misleading marketing tactics, including fraudulent or misleading “live pick up footage” videos.

It changed the lives of thousands of men all over the world, helping them attract the women of their dreams. Their stories were featured in newspapers and news media throughout the world.

In the years since then, I have observed how the very same issues that
created the need for 
The Dating Wizard have become even more extreme,
as the forces of political correctness have grown even stronger.

These forces bombard men at every turn with incessant propaganda 

that perverts the truth on how to attract women sexually.

In the western world, there is almost no place free from this distortion.
You see it on billboards, television commercials, and social media, and you experience it
in academic institutions, government institutions, the workplace, and just about EVERYWHERE else.

These forces motivated me to put my focus back where it started – on how to sexually attract women.

The need has never been greater for an even more powerful antidote to 
political correctness when it comes to attracting women, and this book is it.​​

The Dating Wizard Returns is designed to be used on all women, 
including and especially women in countries where political correctness thrives.

Finally, although there are definitely “good girls” out there, including women who

appreciate men with noble character (and it is crucial to be selective for these women), 

you can’t appeal to women sexually based on those things alone.

It’s not enough to be charitable, virtuous, kind, or any other noble trait.
You must also appeal to women on a raw, visceral, intensely sexual level.

And that is what 
The Dating Wizard Returns is all about. 

Of course, it also includes my latest breakthroughs on the other aspects of attraction, to keep you well-rounded for overall success with women, but because of the current challenge men have with sexually attracting women, this book is particularly focused on triggering sexual attraction in women. 


Erik, Roger and Wayne get some last-minute instructions from
Michael The Dating Wizard, left, before their night out on the town.

Throughout history, the great works that have affected mankind have been WRITTEN down.

The written word allows more detail, more nuance, more explanation, and it can 
be more easily analyzed for truth, since every word is in front of you.   

That is another reason why I dedicated myself to writing these new insights, 
strategies, and techniques for attracting women into one STELLAR book.

My integrity has meant that I have publicly worked with EVERYONE. 

I appeared on a national program for helping teens to make smarter dating decisions, and I served 

 as a guest speaker at the largest pick-up artist conventions ever in both Los Angeles and Montreal. 

I co-hosted a television program called
Dating 201, geared at helping men and 
women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s navigate the ins-and-outs of modern dating.

And of course, I have worked one-on-one with thousands of men live, in my “pick-up” bootcamps, 
where men learn through doing the “real deal”- actually performing pick-up on women in every sort 
of location you can imagine- from coffee shops to subway trains to just walking down the sidewalk.​


The greatest RUSH that men have experienced, since the dawn of time, comes from one thing: 

And if you appreciate what I mean by this, then today is the most important day of your life.

That’s a huge statement to make, and yet it’s taken me over 13 years of 
blood, sweat, and tears to bring this day to you. 

If you know me at all, you know how important INTEGRITY is to me.

Since day one, I’ve held firm to one principle: Only teach what WORKS.

And today, I’m releasing something that truly represents the NEXT LEVEL of power for attracting women. 

This is something NEW.


The other thing was that I wanted to attract the kinds of women who would make
for great girlfriends, not the kinds of women who were typical "club girls". ​

The Next Generation Of Attraction Technology

And how much is this LIFE-CHANGING book that is going to skyrocket your

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But I want EVERY MAN who is serious about attracting women to be

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It drives me NUTS knowing there are good "salt of the earth" type men out there who aren't

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“Inner Game” refers to the STATE OF MIND you are in, and it is absolutely crucial for attracting women. 

It also turns you into a “natural” with women, where you are able 
to do all the right things as a result of the state you are in.

Learning never ends, and human progress should never end. 

I poured my guts into developing the “NEXT GENERATION” of INNER GAME strategies, so that you are UNSTOPPABLE on an emotional and mental level- to ensure you are in “THE ZONE”.

And I didn’t just give you ONE powerful new INNER GAME technology, but rather I give you
FOURTEEN MASSIVE NEW TECHNIQUES AND INSIGHTS on this level that will take you into a whole new UNIVERSE when it comes to being in an UNSTOPPABLE STATE.   

I repeat, these are NEW.

And they more MORE POWERFUL than anything released BEFORE.

Every single ONE of these INNER GAME secrets is worth its weight in GOLD, and is a secret that you will CHERISH as you see women LIGHT UP in response to you as a result of the difference it makes in your “aura”.

One of the things about “Inner Game” is that it is BOOSTED by ALSO having a strong sense of the 
MECHANICS involved in successfully approaching a woman, building connection, getting physical, 
and creating ever-deeper and more intimate bonds.

Having a sense that even if all else fails, you can still “manually” push the pick-up ahead by specific
actions you can take right then and there, really HELPS you to feel even MORE confident, 
which then allows you to use all the special inner game secrets you have as well.

Imagine at any time in the interaction when you aren’t sure what to do, how to progress, how to build attraction, or how to build connection, the DIFFERENCE it would make if you HAD all these easy things
you could to TAKE things with her to the next stage!

Well now you CAN.

That’s why I pushed the envelope and broke through the barrier in this area as well,
to NEW LEVELS of OUTER-GAME- powerful, new, and specific ACTIONS you can take 
in the PICK-UP itself to SPIKE her attraction to you.

This cannot possibly be emphasized enough- having outer-game STRATEGIES in addition to the

inner game confidence is truly the ULTIMATE combination for unbeatable success with women.


You will learn a secret for using humor with women that is so powerful, that even if you
SCREW UP everything ELSE in the conversation, if you just do THIS thing right with humor, 
early in the conversation, she will STILL want to see you again!

This secret was shared to me by a mentor of mine who is now a retired screenwriter,
and is responsible for some of the biggest BLOCKBUSTER comedies of ALL time. 

And that is just ONE of the secrets for using humor effectively
with women that I reveal in this incredibly important book.


Ever since I first started being obsessed with attracting women and helping men 
learn these skills, the concept of women “testing” men has bothered me.

Why would women test men, and men not test women?
Why would this be the natural mechanism of human interaction?
And why do certain types of women seem to do all the testing, while other women never test in these ways? How could it be that this is a natural phenomenon for all women if not all women do it?

You will learn the DEEPER LEVELS regarding “shit tests” that women give men, 
and the most EFFECTIVE way to not only pass these tests, but also PREVENT them for the future.

Passing these tests effectively DOES make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world. 
Pass these tests, and women come FLYING into your arms.

Fail these tests, and these women DISAPPEAR from your reality.

This knowledge is IMPORTANT, and I explain everything clearly in this book,
and I explain how to easily deal with all tests from women.​

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The fact is, most of the attractive women you meet are going to have endless men around them-men that she insists are just “platonic” friends.

As a man, of course, you know better.  There is no WAY these men, if straight, can POSSIBLY just see her in a platonic way. You know they are all sweating it out in every way they can, trying to figure a way to “gain points” with her.

I’m going to show you the most INGENIOUS way to deal with these so called “platonic friends” that will have her wanting to kick them out of her life completely on her own.

This is one of my favorites, and it too is something NO ONE else has revealed before.


I share TONS of GOLDEN new nuggets for attracting women regarding everything from the kinds of topics to discuss with her for opening the conversation, to turning the interaction smoothly in a sexual direction (this should happen earlier than most men think), to brand-new insights about eye-contact (again, pure GOLD on this as well), to powerful new insights on tonality and body language that have never been revealed before.


Over the years, I realized that being successful with women really doesn’t require you to be ANYTHING else. You can be HOMELESS, you can look like ANYTHING, and STILL attract the most magnificent women.

This really IS the truth. 

Just look around and see how many women are with guys that you think 
“make no sense” for them to be with.  That’s because attraction is its own thing;
it is an EMOTION that is triggered, and once triggered, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

With all that being said, having the REST of your life going well HELPS.
When you are feeling successful and excited in your life in general, 
it’s even easier to get into STATE when you see women you’d like to attract.

And in this special bonus section, I share the most DEVASTATINGLY POWERFUL
AND EASY-TO-USE STRATEGIES for SKYROCKETING your performance in ALL of your life.

These special techniques, insights, and strategies are ones that I personally 
have found to be the most helpful, and they are all PROVEN to work. 

From how to become TEN TIMES more efficient and productive, to how to skyrocket your discipline, 
to how to motivate yourself like never before and how to STAY motivated, to how to CHANGE habits 
or develop new habits, this special section of the book too is worth its weight in PURE GOLD.

These secrets add the final “icing on the cake” to this special new book that 
will unleash INFINITE success for you in attracting the women of your dreams.

The name of this important book is 
The Dating Wizard Returns.

I originally started out helping men thirteen years ago

with my very first release, called The Dating Wizard.​


​​Let me tell you about some of the MASSIVE STRIDES FORWARD in “attraction technology" I have made for you:


As a result of the way women are raised due to feminism, most men seem to only
 have "luck" with women when these women are promiscuous and tipsy or drunk.

This is a temporary attraction, and the moment reality kicks in, these women tend to continue their promiscuous lives with other men. And don’t even ASK about getting these women to be good girlfriends.


In this monumental book, I show you how to TRANSFORM the vast, vast, VAST majority of women 
from indifferent, aloof, or even stuck-up or arrogant, into PURRING for you, begging for you.

And there is no feeling BETTER than having these women going crazy for you, calling you non-stop, and wishing you would just come over to them already, whether at their place, a hotel, or anywhere else!


The fact is, when you meet a woman who you really connect with on all levels, 
you tend to want her to be your girlfriend.

And yet, as a result of feminism, most women simply have no CLUE how to treat a man with respect.

Until this book was written, the only way to get “relationship-worthy” women to treat you right long term, in other words, to be great girlfriends, was to simply DUMP 99.99% of the women you date, through the most stringent screening process, leaving you with the incredibly rare ones who were compatible.

Now, that worked, but it wasn’t as EFFICIENT as I wanted things to be.  

This is one of the particular areas that took me 13 YEARS TO REFINE to the point where I have made it now
A SIMPLE AND EASY-TO-USE method that you can apply to almost ALL THE WOMEN you meet.

Just this knowledge alone, could have been released as its own program, and it would be of MASSIVE SIGNIFICANCE-an ENORMOUS help for turning the woman or women you want into fantastic girlfriends.

I searched for DECADES for this information, and NO ONE ELSE ever solved this problem. 
So I had to do it, out of my own passion for success with women.

And in this life-changing book, I share these secrets with you as well.


Imagine trying to solve a puzzle by having the WRONG picture of what it’s SUPPOSED to look like!

This is EXACTLY what is currently happening with most men when they try to attract women!

Since birth, men are taught an OCEAN of “facts” about women’s sexuality that are simply NOT TRUE!

Half of these lies come from ignorance and fear, and half of them come from intentional distortions 
made by feminist leaders who don’t represent 99% of women at all in terms of sexuality!

Just reading THIS section alone from this book will SKYROCKET your results with attracting women.

Here’s another crucial factor to consider regarding this point: You can’t expect women to tell you any of these things, because they themselves are not CONSCIOUS of how their own sexual psychology operates.

In fact, if you ask women, they will probably tell you whatever 
politically-correct answer that they think they are SUPPOSED to say!

Studies have shown that women on a conscious level believe things
that go DIRECTLY against what they are actually FEELING.  

And it is what they FEEL that counts.

Women don’t go around THINKING about what turns them on
or arouses them, they just know when they FEEL it.  

These secrets are PRICELESS, and the women you meet will be 
ecstatic and feel sexually FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT for being with you.

And what makes this so fantastic to use is that there is no “trick” involved- it is simply KNOWING the TRUTH about female sexuality- a truth that is INTENTIONALLY HIDDEN by the media for politically-correct reasons.​

For over thirteen years now, I have been dedicated to the goal of helping men meet and attract women, get girlfriends, and KEEP the attraction burning strong. My free newsletters have been known to give away more valuable content than the entire programs from most others in this field.

This is because I INNOVATE, and I focus on TRUTH. FULL TRUTH.

And I do it because it is a personal passion of mine.

I know full well the pain of NOT having success with women.
I was one of those guys who was so lonely in high school that I used to eat my LUNCH in the washroom stall.

Things in university didn’t get much better.​

There is a rule of thumb that it takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill, 
which turns out to be about ten years of consistent experience.

I am the only individual in this field that has focused on RESEARCH into what REALLY
makes women tick, as well as the DEVELOPMENT of the actual skills and strategies 
for triggering this attraction, as well as how to TEACH all this to men.

And make no mistake about it- knowing how to teach a skill is different than just KNOWING A SKILL.

Some men are visual learners, some men need to get a “feel” first, some men need to hear it, some 
men learn best in a very indirect way that captures their imagination, and others need to dive right in. 

Some men learn best sitting down, others learn best going for a walk and discussing at the same time. 

Some men break through their inner barriers in ways that sound strange to 
the uninformed, but that make total sense to those with experience.

I know ALL of these aspects, because I poured my heart into this field 
PURELY as opposed to turning it into another marketing machine.  

There is simply NO WAY ON EARTH that I could have reached this level of understanding and skill if
I did what all the other guys in this field do, which is basically come up with marketing angles all day long.

As far as business goes, I am running a horrible business.
As far as knowing what will help you attract women, 
I am truly the most experienced person in the entire field.

That’s one of the reasons one of the biggest newspapers, The Toronto Star, hired me to 
be the official coach of the men for their contest called “The Get A Relationship Challenge” 
which was all about how to go from ZERO to actually getting a girlfriend of your choice! 


You signed up for my newsletter, or have been reading my blog, for possibly months or even years, 
because you want the most powerful strategies for attracting women that exist anywhere, period.

And now, after years of newsletters, there is now the greatest new advance in attraction 
technology history since The Dating Wizard was first released thirteen years ago.

The Dating Wizard Returns is your chance to now make the BIGGEST difference in your life with women, to IGNITE the MOST ATTRACTION WITH WOMEN BOTH IMMEDIATELY AND LONG TERM.

Not having this book is like boxing with the champ with one arm tied behind your back!

But with the insights, strategies, and techniques in The Dating Wizard Returns, 
it’s like you are now the CHAMP himself, in PRIME condition.


90% of the men who read my newsletter or blog order my programs within 24 hours of hearing about them. They know the immediate value and benefits they get in attracting women from my programs.

And they know that procrastination tends to be the hallmark of fear and failure, 
while TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY is the philosophy of the most successful.


My commitment to helping men is a personal one. 

I simply cannot forget what I went through before I learned how to
attract women, and so I can truly relate to any other man who faces this challenge.

Along my journey, I spent countless hours trying EVERYTHING. 

I still remember freezing my butt off in the cold in winter walking 
around downtown for hours till my face and fingers were numb, trying to attract 
women with all kinds of strategies that proved to be fruitless. 

And the frustration I would feel, only to then see some gorgeous woman on the arm of another man.

Then, when I finally thought I had broken through to success, 

and had learned how to initially attract women, I then realized that there was a whole 
OTHER level I needed to learn, which was how to keep the attraction long-term. 

And this was an area that absolutely NO ONE seemed to have a 
CLUE about in terms of anything that actually WORKED.

I know what it took for me to COMMIT to learning these skills and getting this part of my life handled. 

And I CONGRATULATE you for being here, for sticking to it,
for not giving up, and for being the kind of man who wants to IMPROVE.

There is nothing finer than a person who wants to truly IMPROVE himself.
It means that person makes no excuses and that he has NO LIMITS.

And it means you have COURAGE.

So, once again, I wholeheartedly say CONGRATULATIONS for being that kind of man. 


In celebration of this momentous event, I am releasing three “special collector’s editions” 
of this book, featuring three different magnificent covers!