I've also served as a guest speaker at the biggest conferences on attraction around the world (ManTransformation in Los Angeles, Cliff's List Convention in Montreal).

In addition, I've co-hosted several educational dating shows aimed at men and women who SERIOUSLY want to meet the right person for a real relationship, including the show called "Dating 201".

Most importantly, I prove what I teach works, year-round in my bootcamps.

And focusing all this on women who are sober and who are looking for men for the "real thing", not women who are drunk, party-girl promiscuous types.

The Dating Wizard Bootcamp
The Fastest Way To Learn How To Attract Women, No Matter Where You See Them.

Toronto Pua

"This was definitely the experience I was looking for, non-stop approaches with higher calibre women in top venues. I really appreciated the way Michael smoothly transitioned me into more challenging situations, from demonstrating and then winging with me and then helping me control the interactions completely on my own."- Daniel F. Seattle, Washington, USA


“My confidence has skyrocketed. Michael's instruction at the bootcamp was patient, devoted, passionate, and effective...”

- Samuel T. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

“The bootcamp gave me everything I had hoped for from this experience. I wish it had existed ten years ago.”

- Tom K. San Diego, California, USA

"Michael taught me the true meaning of what it means to be "in state" and how this generates the states of mind in women that you want them to be in, and he showed how all this fits within the larger context of still controlling the frame in a FUN, not malicious, way."

- Ian R. Cambridge, UK

"Just think - when it comes to women, a man believes the more beautiful she is the more money, time, effort, looks, and luck he needs. So he does one or more of the following: buys a fancy car or house or gifts for women, spends hours waiting around at clubs/bars, worries himself to death to make an impression on a particular girl because he doesn't believe he is worth her, buys the standard clothes to not offend or get unwanted attention, and just asks the stars like a kid asks Santa Claus, to bring him beautiful women. So if you just leave this up to fate, or to Santa, you are looking at thousands of dollars plus months, years, and possibly forever studying a way to figure it out, plus low self-esteem, wrong fashion thinking, and false hopes. My advice is to get your butt to Toronto, take Michael W's bootcamp, relax, and understand this process will save you so much in the long run. You’ll get the wake-up call of your life as you learn the facts of the dating reality that no one else reveals and you will actually be applying what you are learning in the bootcamp: There’s no other way to learn these skills and get the facts shown to you in real life demonstrations on real women in all types of venues. It’s a mind-blowing experience you won’t forget."

-Jason, Atlanta (Note from Michael- since the time of Jason's letter, the bootcamp now takes place all over the world!)

“Thanks to Michael's Bootcamp, I am finally free of having to memorize material and feel like a fake. His insight into human communication and emotion opened up a whole new universe to me that allows me to approach women from a very powerful internal place that translates into very effective interactions with any women I choose. Michael also has a way of teaching that is both demanding yet incredibly supportive, which helped me grow immensely over the duration of the program.

I learned how to keep the sexual tension and the flow of the conversation, as well as how to escalate the interaction. During the bootcamp, I also experienced how being determined to get a woman is not desperation if you know what you are doing, and that in fact it's crucial to your success."

-Jim W. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“My entire vibe has improved from body language, inner beliefs, my clothing styles and accessories, my sense of humor, and my tonality. Also, I have a sharper understanding of the reality that attractive women are in, because I can now see and feel for real what it's like to have choices and to come from that frame, which in itself helps my interactions with women. I need to help gel all this together by getting out there as much as possible to take advantage of the incredible momentum I now have after the bootcamp. I'm now also able to finally understand the mistakes I make so that I can improve with each interaction instead of just hoping for things to get better with time. I have a structure but I don't worry about material."

- Matt D. Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

“Before taking Michael's bootcamp, my sticking point used to be, "What do I do after I open them???" I would run out of things to say and get stuck and have to eject. I now have OBLITERATED this problem and in fact now see how the problem was rooted in so many misunderstandings about women and also in my previously weak frame control and weak sense of humor. I don't NEED a "plan" anymore for what to do at any point with women, because I have learned the structure from Michael of ALL successful interactions, and I have learned the critical skill of calibrating a woman, and this allows me to know what is best at any time without having to go in with some kind of previously worked out “plan”. It feels far more natural this way, is way more enjoyable for me, and probably is more fun for the woman this way as well.

For the first time, I can actually confidently approach women anywhere, anytime, no matter how beautiful."

-Jonathan L. London, UK

This bootcamp is for serious guys only, guys who are prepared to make a difference in their lives and do whatever it takes.

The Dating Wizard Bootcamp takes place in the city of your choice. All details including meet-up locations will be sent to you via email upon signing up.

To reserve a weekend, contact me at michael@thedatingwizardreturns.com or sign up Here.

The biggest thing for you about taking bootcamp with me is that I can IMMEDIATELY see EXACTLY what you are doing as you approach women in real life, and I can spot EXACTLY where you are going wrong and I can FIX it for you.

As men, we develop "blind spots" to the things we are doing wrong when it comes to pick-up.  This is a HUMAN TRAIT. We just aren't aware of how we are coming across, because all we know is our OWN perspective.  

I have made it my MISSION, for over THIRTEEN YEARS, to ensure men SUCCEED in attracting women, especially the best kinds of women who are not only gorgeous but also great long-term girlfriend material as opposed to promiscuous and drunk women who are addicted to nightclubs.

Picking up and attracting these quality women requires a lot more PRECISION than just the "big party energy" of a nightclub. When it comes to the best women, it's not about how fast you can "make-out" or talk about explicitly sexual things. In fact, doing that would only REPEL the best kinds of women.

Instead, it's about conveying confidence, sexuality, wit, and intimacy INDIRECTLY, through your conversation, the expressions on your face, your tonality, your sense of humor, and much more.

THIS is how it is REALLY done when it comes to GREAT women.

This photo below is from a group bootcamp I did, that was followed IN-DEPTH by The Toronto Star, and it was all about getting GREAT GIRLFRIENDS; it was even called the "Get A Relationship Challenge' by the paper.  This photo was taken as I was giving the

men last-minute tips before the night began.

                                                          What Happens In Bootcamp

In bootcamp, I will analyze everything you are doing during the pick-ups, and keep you on course the entire time. As the bootcamp progresses, you will be taking on more and more of the pick-ups on your own until you are doing each entire pick-up successfully by yourself.

As you progress through the bootcamp, I will provide the most powerful feedback, based on over 13 years experience in the field.
This will allow you to shave off YEARS from the typical learning curve associated with these skills.

My credentials in this field are unparalleled. I served as the official coach of the Toronto Star's "Get A Relationship Challenge", where an entire group of single men were coached by me with the goal of getting themselves girlfriends through using the skills of pick-up and attraction that I teach. Their reports came back overwhelmingly successful, and the results were published for the entire world to see.

What I teach isn't about "pick up lines". It's about learning new skills and interacting with women in a way that women can't help but feel overwhelming attraction to you.

Take this bootcamp now, and get the success with women you want once and for all.

The cost of this unparalleled experience is only 2000 dollars.

This bootcamp program is 100% private and exclusive, which means you are getting exclusive access to my coaching and all my time is spent on you and on customizing the program to your exact goals and needs.

Contact me at michael@thedatingwizardreturns.com and let me know a weekend that works for you, and I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the date or, if the date is already booked, I will suggest future dates that you could reserve for your bootcamp. 

I look forward to transforming your life with this bootcamp program.


Michael Marks

A Bit About Who I Am And Why My Credentials Are The Highest In The Field

I started as a "Toronto pua", and my work was covered in-depth in newspapers and on television (see photo on right) and I now work globally. I have been conducting bootcamps on how to attract women for over 13 YEARS. Men from all four corners of the globe have gained from me the power to CHOOSE the woman or women in their lives. My bootcamps WORK, FAST. Many of the men who have taken the program have actually met and attracted the women of their DREAMS just DAYS after completing their training from me.

This program has CONSTANTLY been evolving, always improving and becoming more and more powerful and refined with the years that I have poured into every aspect of it, from A to Z.

For 2 full days, Saturday and Sunday, I will take you to the most popular places where fantastic women go so that you can learn these skills, and I will train you to ensure you MASTER these skills to successfully attract women ANYWHERE. Coffee shops, cafes, supermarkets, ANYWHERE..

Photo by Carlos Osorio, Toronto Star