Skype or Phone Consultations

To arrange a Skype or phone consultation, send me an email at  with the time you'd like to set the consultation for. Please let me know  a day or two in advance, and I'll confirm the time with you by email.

Skype and phone consultations are $400 per hour. All sessions must be paid for in advance. A  special link to order the consultation will be sent to you via email once the details of the appointment have been set.

"After my girlfriend broke up with me, I thought my life was over, and that I would never be able to find anyone as beautiful as her. For over one year now, I struck out with every woman I tried to approach. I decided I had nothing to lose and gave you a call. You showed me the weaknesses in my approaches, and you set me back on the right mental track. Since then, I've been finding that the women I approach practically offer themselves to me!

Brian P. U.K.

"... How's it going? I just want to let you know that I was blown away by the info you told me in the phone consultation. I started putting it to use the next day. I think I'll cancel my cable bill, since I'm getting too busy dating to watch TV."

Bill R. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“My phone consultation experience with Michael was greater than I had expected. It was amazing how he was able to IMMEDIATELY identify the issues that were creating my sticking points with women. There were TONS of subtle yet crucial pointers he had for me on my delivery, my approach with women, even regarding the best fashion styles for me. Most importantly, he helped me see the specific inner game issues that are holding me back. I know where to FOCUS my efforts now, I now know to HANG IN THERE and not eject out of a conversation just because things are feeling “weird”, and that ejecting sends the wrong message not only to the woman, but to yourself as well. Stopping this helps achieve congruency between your outer and inner game simultaneously.

Michael is a genuinely supportive guy who wants to see you succeed. He also explained certain realities that I was not even aware of, that I tested out, and this has opened up my mind from not even believing in some of this stuff to KNOWING it exists, for I have TESTED it in the real world. I could not BELIEVE how women really do respond to the kinds of things Michael explained, until I tested it myself.

John F. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

                                                                              In-Person Consultations

To arrange an IN-PERSON consultation, email me at  with a time you'd like to meet. I'll email you back ASAP with location specifics. In-person consultations are $500 per hour.

A  special link to order the consultation will be sent to you via email once the details of the appointment have been set.

"Michael, you’ve saved me so much time through the in-person consultation. I wasn’t even aware of my body language and how it was coming across as if I was trying to gain women’s approval. I understand the differences between seeking approval and pushing it away and how to avoid both when appropriate. My body language is now under my own control and I have learned how women interpret it. You explained things in a way that I understood completely, including the structure of all successful interactions, and the real purpose of having any "material". Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing for guys, and for the women they meet."

Ryan D. Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“To use your own language, my paradigm has SHIFTED, and it’s all thanks to the one-on-one consultation you gave me. The way you had an entire table of girls next to us captivated and ENJOYING the interaction, and the way you slowly transitioned into building a connection with one woman was very helpful in changing my perception so that I could believe this is all for real.

Right now, I am working on a lot of the internal beliefs that are my greatest hurdle, and I’ve been doing this not by sitting in my room, but by actually using what you showed me to approach tons of women. My heart is still pounding, but my confidence is growing and I am finally learning to enjoy the process of interacting with women. I am no longer a prisoner to my fears.

I’m not expecting miracles overnight, but I can already see the significant changes ahead for me as I continue to go out and apply what I learned.

Carl W. Orange County California, USA

                                                                            Email Consultations

If you prefer the flexibility of email consultations, contact me at  and I will let you know how much time it will take me to answer your questions. Email consultations are $400 per hour, where an entire hour is devoted to answering your email questions in detail. Each hour is counted as one consultation.

A  special link to order the consultation will be sent to you via email once the details of your questions have been sent to me. Upon payment, your questions will then be answered within 24 hours via email.

"I've read so many other books on the subject and they didn't help. I have a particular problem in that I'm great with women at friends' parties, but terrible with women in public places. After an email consultation with you about the places that seem to make me freeze up, you explained and broke through my internal fears and now I'm totally confident with women, anywhere. Just wanted to let you know."

Kevin F., Chicago, Illinois, USA

“After several email consultations with you, my dating life has become the kind of fun it should be. I practiced what you taught me every weekend at local pubs, clubs, and bookstores, gradually improving and getting smoother each time.

It took a while to meet a girl that I really found attractive and was not into the whole clubbing and smoking scene, I met her at a bookstore using the insights you taught me, especially on creating that initial burst of “flare”, and on creating a solid connection – I can finally see now that this connection aspect is so overlooked by most guys as well, or they do it wrong, like I used to do, trying to connect, but doing it in a way that actually repulses a woman.

Craig M. Los Angeles, California, USA

                                                                                       C O N S U L T A T I O N S

You can now also arrange convenient and personal one-to-one consultations with me about any matter related to pick-up, dating, attraction, or relationships. Consultations can be done in-person or via Zoom, Facebook video call, telephone, or email.

You'll let me know exactly what your questions are, and what skills or "inner game" areas you want to master. I'll coach you in the most efficient methods to get you to your goals quickly.  You can rest assured that I have not only the knowledge, but also the experience to help you, as I've been successfully helping men for over 20 years now to gain mastery in this important area of their lives.