Hi there, fellow man!  Being a man isn't easy these days, but I want to help in a MAJOR way.

I want to reveal to you what no one else will, either because they don't know, or because they don't want you to know.

Who am I? My name is Michael Marks, and just a few short years ago, I knew nothing about how to attract the women I really wanted. I was so frustrated, I tried everything. I mean everything.

For years, I read all the books, listened to all the tapes, and went to all the seminars! And nothing worked. As a matter of fact, the harder I tried, the worse things got, it was almost as if I was cursed. From that pain, I swore to conquer this area of my life once and for all. After years of endless trial-and-error, endless researching, and endless observation, I finally broke the 'curse' when I made an earth-shattering breakthrough. I took that discovery, developed it, and refined it into an unbeatable formula that WORKS.

Yes, it WORKS. As opposed to many guys on the net selling you snake oil, I actually walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. I am constantly putting my name on the line in my Dating Wizard Bootcamps where I must not only prove that these concepts work for me, but for the students who use them as well. Credentials and integrity are crucial to me. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

And the greatest thing about this formula is that all you have to be...is YOU. You don't have to be wealthy or good-looking. People that have used my method, tell me that the best thing about it is not only that it works, but that it feels natural. It feels comfortable. There is no deception and no lies to women involved. Put simply, when you follow my system, women will really want you, the real you, not your money or your looks. You will not have to 'hypnotize' women and you will not have to impress them with anything.

I developed my system for myself. At first, I hoarded the knowledge. After all, I had worked so hard to acquire it. But then something happened to me: It actually sank in to my head that I no longer had to struggle to attract the women in which I was interested. It had become so natural and easy, that I started to share an idea here, an idea there, with some buddies. They kept coming back to me, telling me they couldn't believe how easy meeting awesome women could be with this knowledge. I got the nick "The Dating Wizard", as they kept coming back for more knowledge.

So I took all my notes, all my research, and wrote it all down, for every single guy who has ever felt the pain and misery that I once knew all too well. This process took YEARS, and has two parts to it. During the first several years of my work both in the field and researching, I uncovered the FOUNDATION to what WORKS.

This foundation is critical for attracting women, and all my other programs build upon this foundation.

I named the eBook simply "
The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women". It shows you exactly what to do, step by step, from A-Z, from meeting a woman, to getting her number, to dating and relationships. And there is a special section on understanding women's sexual psychology. When you know how to ignite physical passion in women, they will make the 'moves' on YOU to let you know they are ready.

The cost of this important E-Book is only $19.97. How much is it worth to you to be able to succeed with women forever ?

I want you to be the best you can be with women NOW. You will be able to download my eBook to your computer within minutes of your order. You can also rest easy while making your order because this site uses a secured server page . Your information is safely encrypted and is safe from unauthorized access. Also, the system will automatically make the correct adjustments for whichever currency you are using. Ordering is safe, simple, and fast.

I don't want to waste your time. I just want to make you THE BEST you can be with women.

Would you like to be able to simply walk right up to an attractive woman, be able to get her phone number, have a date with her that week, and have her dream about you? Well, it does not have to be a fantasy. It could be your reality.

It's in this moment, that you can make the decision to take control of your destiny with women once and for all. If you don't make the commitment to change your life at this very moment, you probably never will.

Let me help you achieve success with women beyond your wildest dreams.

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Here Are Some Of The Hard-Core, Crucial Secrets You Will Learn From My Revolutionary Book

                                                          A Glimpse Inside the eBook

  •  I used to think it was impossible to get a number from a beautiful woman who was a total stranger. Not anymore. In my chapter, "Approaching Women and Dating", (page 100), I'll explain how to approach women anywhere and get numbers, emails, dates, and even "instant dates", FAST.

  • The mental attitude of a man who women want. I used to focus on my exterior. On page 66, I'll explain to you why you really should be focusing on your internal self, and how to develop the attitude and confident sense of humor that women cannot help but feel attraction toward.

  • On page 72, I'll explain why pick up lines are actually the worst thing you can use when meeting women. I'll show you how to rely on yourself, and never use a pre-fabricated line again.

  • Do you know why women cannot tell you what they really want? Ever know a girl who would never go out with 'nice guy' you, but constantly complains about her jerk boyfriend? Starting on page 25, I'll teach you how to be a guy women desire, and you won't even have to be a jerk!

  •  Most guys eventually want to meet that one awesome woman for a great relationship. In the third section of the book, starting on page 162, I explain how to excel at relationships. This is one area where there are supposed 'experts' on every block, yet those same 'experts' often can't keep a relationship going themselves! I'll show you the biggest mistakes guys make, how to prevent arguments, and how to keep the 'spice' in your relationship! Most guys think women are attracted to money or looks. The truth is that money does NOT attract women sexually, and you truly don't NEED to have looks if you learn what I show you on page 49.

  • On page 128, I'll teach you how to avoid the "lets just be friends" syndrome and how to escalate things to a physical level fast.

  • Would you like to meet awesome women from the comfort of your home? In chapter four, beginning on page 140, I explain the TRUTH about how to succeed in attracting women online.

  • Most men have no idea that even the "sweetest" women test men, and that passing these tests is the KEY to escalating her attraction all the way from first meeting to the bedroom. On page 82, I'll show you how to smoothly win any test a woman throws at you.

  • And tons of other secrets that will completely transform your life with women forever.

I hit rock bottom with women, and finally found the way up.

Let me share the knowledge I gained with you.

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From someone who's been there,

Your FOUNDATION For Attracting Women Package"

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                                                           Clients' Success Stories

I have one word for your book: AWESOME! I just finished reading it last night, and today, got a phone number from a waitress, and an email from a girl on the bus. And these girls are gorgeous!

Don S., Houston


I want to thank you sooooooooooooooo much. Your book reveals all the pieces of the puzzle. I feel like the guy in Matrix when he realized how he had been fooled all these years. Your book gives me for the first time a totally logical reason to not be weak or as the girls call it, "nice" and "good". And, as you say, the techniques are almost irrelevant- they're really good, but I think that once you apply the ideas and concepts in your book, to be, as you say, "THE MAN", then whatever comes to mind is right and sensual.

After a bad break up, I realized that I needed to learn more about women, and since then (6 months) I've been reading a lot of stuff, practicing some of them. Everybody had a point or two to say but I don't know why, no one is revealing everything, these guys live in a scarcity mentality and they must fear that if they revealed how to be a man... they're afraid they are gonna lose their women? Or they don't know? I'm very sorry that I've discovered your book after all the technique oriented guides, but anyway, I'm getting whiny here... Your approach is complete, there's no need for other systems...What a complete waste of time... After soaking in your book, I can simply be cool, and not be ashamed for wanting women. I don't treat them like queens, they're humans as well.

Be THE MAN. So simple and so powerful! I can't describe how I feel after reading your book. You should raise the price because you deserve it, and because I think that will help people realize the value of your material. I know that I'm sounding like a cheap commercial but I want to thank you for everything, even hug you, (don't worry, I'm not ... you know). I don't even have a question because, if I think like THE MAN, the answer is there.

Thank you,

PS: feel free to use this email at your site, no problem at all. ps2: I can't imagine what happens at your seminars, lucky Canadians...
Giannis, Greece

"A lot of guys think you shouldn't have to learn this stuff from a person or a book. Well, that's good for me. Because after reading your book, I know what they don't, and I have even less competition."
Brad T. Miami

"Michael, I'm currently dating a girl I met at the mall who should be on the cover of a magazine! I can't believe that just a few months ago, I would have only dreamed about this type of girl. It wouldn't have been possible if I had not read your book. Thanks, man."
Stephen M. New York City

"I never wanted to be a jerk or use manipulative techniques. I'm glad I got your book, because I can now get women and still sleep at night with a good conscience."
Tommy Z. Seattle

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