Confident Humor

Many men want to know if a sense of humor is important in attracting women.

The answer is that although some women definitely find a sense of humor attractive, there are actually DEEPER reasons for why it is important to have a sense of humor.

So, not only does a powerful sense of humor convey intelligence, wit, and social skills, which
are all important aspects of survival, and on a hard-wired level women are attracted to men
who have the traits of survival in them, but a powerful sense of humor also allows you to
EASILY bridge the gap between being a total stranger and getting into a great conversation
with a woman, ANYWHERE you happen to find her.

Women are conditioned by society to be a little weary of men who are total strangers, but if you can get a woman SMILING or laughing within seconds of meeting her, it is impossible for her to have her guard up while also feeling great from laughter.

So a sense of humor is very powerful for simply GETTING THE BALL ROLLING in what otherwise
might seem like an awkward situation.

Now, this is a very different thing than trying to be a CLOWN or a jester to women, and I make this
super clear in all my books and programs.

And yet, BEYOND all this, is an even MORE powerful reason for having a sense of humor.

A sense of humor is a powerful mechanism for YOURSELF, it is a magnificent way to DEAL with
reality, to KEEP yourself STRONG emotionally, to keep yourself HEALTHY emotionally- and
ultimately your STATE OF MIND is forever connected to your SUCCESS with women, because a woman is sensing your EMOTIONAL VIBE when you are chatting with her, and the BETTER those emotions are, the BETTER you will do.

So, for example, can you imagine how IMPOSSIBLE it would be to successfully approach a woman having a great time at a party if you were feeling totally angry, bitter, insecure, or filled with anxiety?

One of the most important parts of a successful ‘pick up’ is the part where you and a woman have
been chatting for a few minutes, and then you both are so comfortable, that neither one of you
feels a need to say anything, and you are just enjoying the SILENCE of BEING with each other and just FEELING THE GOOD VIBE between the two of you.

People who are able to pull back from taking EVERYTHING so seriously-and this doesn’t mean
that you shouldn’t work super-hard, and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when you should be totally focused and serious- but people who know how to PULL BACK AND ENJOY LIFE and NOT take things so seriously are often the people who are able to get the MOST success and to ENJOY their success.

It may even be that the reason some women are so attracted to men with a great sense of
humor is because on an evolutionary level, a sense of humor DOES provide a survival

NO MATTER WHAT, a sense of humor helps YOU be in a more EMPOWERED, UPBEAT, and SOCIABLE
state of MIND.

A sense of humor allows you to see the good side of things as well. So, for example, although feminism has in many ways caused all kind of problems for both women and men, it has also made it SUPER EASY for men to MEET more women than ever.

So, on that note, I would like to bring your attention to an important program on having and using
a sense of humor – it is an interview I conducted with a man who I have personally seen approach
women successfully, and who I even once teamed up with on a bootcamp to teach several men at
once, as we demonstrated how to approach women.

This man is featured in a best-selling book that is all about how to meet women, and he is also one
of the funniest people I know on the planet.

Also, what makes this program particularly powerful is that it is not some gimmick on how to have
funny pick up lines with women- it is not that at ALL.

In this special 1-hour audio program, I interview him to find out what makes him tick when it comes to humor, and the genius behind his answers is that he doesn't only answer the questions, he is ALSO simultaneously being INSANELY FUNNY- which shows how you can work humor into ANY situation.

There is no ONE WAY to be funny- rather, it is a WAY of looking at things, that you can make uniquely yours using your own personal perspectives- so this program is NOT about you COPYING his style of humor, but rather about how you can UNLEASH your OWN humor.

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