There truly are MILLIONS more single women than EVER before using online dating now, because there is no other good way for them to meet men during this current situation of social distancing. 

Also, even if your focus is on regular pick-up, it is a good idea to have an excellent online dating profile in ADDITION to meeting women through pick-up, as your online profile works for you 24 hours a day even while you are sleeping to attract the women you want. But doing this properly requires an ENORMOUS amount of experience and expertise. And that's the reason I have never come out with some kind of major "online dating" program.  And it's the reason why even now, this is a program where I am PERSONALLY doing the hardest part of the work for you. In fact, this isn't a program, it's a SERVICE where I create your profile for you.

The Importance Of A Knock-Out Profile Online

You may have noticed that I emphasize your profile, as opposed to having some kind of magical message to send a woman online. The reason for this is because the first thing a woman will do if she gets a message from you  is check out your profile. It is your 'avatar' in the greatest sense of that word, because it is the thing that represents the ESSENCE of your attractive personality that you want to convey in the most COMPELLING way.

A great profile does 90% of the work FOR you.

And this is where I come in. I have written thousands of profiles over the past 17 years as a special service for guys that have requested it from me.  And to be blunt with you, I am damn good at it. So good, that I have often gotten women to respond to men's profiles without even a single solitary photo attached. That means the words themselves were so overpowering and attractive, that women could not help but respond. And it all started with my own experiences, where I used myself as a guinea pig to test endless ideas out.  It also helps that I happen to be a writer- I've written 7 screenplays and optioned one to a major production company in Hollywood.

The greatest thing for you about getting me to create your profile is that I will CUSTOMIZE it for you so that it truly reflects YOU and ALSO attracts the exact kind of women you want. We will first have a phone or Skype conversation so that I can get a really good idea of your personality and values, and then I will set to work on the profile for you, which you can put up on any dating site you wish. 

And, I will also coach you on the details of how to effectively message and respond to the women you are interested in, but as I said earlier, this is not going to be a major task, as the KEY is your actual PROFILE itself. The PROFILE does 90% of the work FOR you.

What Most Guys Do - And Why What They Do Doesn't Work

Most guys, when creating a profile, will try to “convince” a woman reading the profile that they are good guys, who will be fun,
interesting, and who will treat a woman well.

The PROBLEM with all this, is that ninety-nine percent of the time, women get the SAME kind of vibe from ALL guys.

PLUS, when women read the profile descriptions, women feel that the vast majority of all these guys are so focused on trying to impress the women, that it’s obvious to the women that the guys probably will accept ANY behavior from any attractive woman and be grateful for any attention.

All this is NOT flattering, and it's not compelling in any way.

It just makes a woman feel SORRY for the guy, not feel ATTRACTION for him, because the message being sent on a primal unconscious level is:
“I am not on the same level of value as you.”

The woman can ALREADY predict the future of what will happen if she gives the SLIGHTEST indication of interest to the guy:

The guy will write back a huge long email, and offer to take her somewhere really nice, and probably give her all kinds of compliments even though he has no clue who she really is, but the guy will READ INTO any little thing about her description and see it through ROSE-colored glasses, he will fall BIG TIME for the HALO effect.

The halo effect, in this example, is the tendency of a man to think that an attractive woman is more intelligent, more noble, more admirable, than another woman who is not as attractive.

Yes, the MIND is hardwired this way, and most guys are SLAVES to their MIND, they don’t learn to control their MIND, so their
MIND controls THEM. And when it comes to the area of attraction and women, this is TOTALLY true.

                                                                           An Effective Example

On the OTHER hand, let’s take the OPPOSITE example, okay?

Imagine a guy creates a profile, where his first line is
“I’m a total JERK. I always treat myself first and love myself more than anyone else. Pretty much, I’m the guy you’re mother warned you about. The problem is, even though you’ve been warned, you’ll end up falling in love with me, then hating me because all I’m good at is sex. Then, you’ll keep coming back to me because all I’m good at is sex and I’m horrible at listening to your problems.

Which leads to more fights and even more intense mind-blowing make up sex. Oh man, leave me alone already, I can already feel you harassing me with love-hate mail. The story of my life…”

Now, I know that a million guys are about to cut and paste this since that’s the easiest thing  to do, and yup, they will get better results than they have been getting all their life.

But as everyone copies this, it will wear a little thin, plus this is NOT necessarily the best reflection of every guy's character. For example, I could write a
ROMANTIC profile that is EQUALLY effective and that still shows all the right qualities that women melt for.

This is what I mean when I say I will CUSTOMIZE your profile to really capture YOUR essence in a way that WORKS to attract women.

                                                                        READING BETWEEN THE LINES

What is ACTUALLY happening in the above example can only be seen through READING BETWEEN THE LINES.

To a guy who is UNAWARE of the reality of his FULL POTENTIAL AND POWER, and to a guy who is unaware of the REALITY of
an attractive woman, the above profile sounds like that of a JERK.

But in REALITY, here's what it’s actually saying:

“Hey there, I’m not like those other needy desperate guys who are going to ask you to marry them the first second you reply
to them. I’m quite a catch myself, and not in a hurry to get chained down to the WRONG WOMAN, so you can feel free to NOT be under any PRESSURE to be with me.

If you decide to be with ME, it will be by your CHOICE, not by FORCE, pressure, guilt, or any other pathetic attempt to get you.

I’m also a really FUN and PLAYFUL guy as you can tell from my sense of humor.

In addition, I’m not uncomfortable about sex and about enjoying it in tons of creative and passionate ways.

Plus, I already have experience with women, and the truth is, they are so addicted to me, the only reason they hate me is because they can’t get ENOUGH of me, and enough control of me, they wish they could totally control me because they want me so badly.

PLUS, the fact is, that EVERY GUY you've ever really loved was the SAME like me, so you can already FEEL that I am going
to give you the SAME awesome emotions except even BETTER since I'm even MORE of all the things that made you WILD about
any man in the past!"

That is what the message is REALLY saying "between the lines"!

And communication is always more powerful when done INDIRECTLY rather than SAYING it directly.

That's why you must learn to communicate in a way where your message is in between the lines.

"In between the lines" is INDIRECT.

When you just try to say important things directly, it doesn't work because EVERYONE TRIES the same direct thing, so the mind
gets DESENSITIZED to it.

It's too easy, everyone does the direct thing about saying they are all great catches.

It doesn't make a woman FEEL anything, other than that the guy might be just telling a lie to impress her.

Anyone can SAY they are great, right?
It's much better to INFER it indirectly.

So, for example, you don’t SAY to a woman that you are funny, if you are funny.

Instead, you GET her laughing.

You don’t SAY you are confident, you instead SHOW it through your ACTIONS and through your LANGUAGE.

NOTHING jerky going on actually, see?

Tons of OTHER cool and attractive things going on here, but no “jerkiness”.

And I will take care of ALL of this for you, making sure your profile is a POWERHOUSE of ATTRACTION.

A service like this, written by someone with my experience, is normally in the THOUSANDS of dollars. But because I am launching this publicly for the first time, I am creating an introductory offer that will make you think I have gone off the deep end of insanity by only charging you $179 for the entire package, INCLUDING the initial conversation over Skype or phone where I get to understand your personality and online dating goals so that I can create a knock-out profile for you that will get you the women of your choice.

To order this special, customized service from me, just go here:

Click Here To Order The "Attracting Women Online" Customized Service Now!

Also, send me an email at and let me know the best time to reach you by phone or Skype.

I look forward to giving you the fantastic success with women you deserve.


Michael Marks

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