Often, the things that turn men and women on don’t even make rational sense, never mind can they ever be consistent to the politically correct insane concepts that we are bombarded with in our society.

And the more YOU can OVER-RIDE the forces of political correctness when it comes to interacting with women you want to attract, the BETTER you are going to do, for a MULTITUDE of reasons, not the least of which is that if YOU show you are cool with rebelling against politically correct SHACKLES against pleasure, you help HER feel cool about releasing HERSELF from those shackles and having fun with YOU.

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It SPECIALIZES in blasting to
SMITHEREENS the politically correct behaviors and the politically correct BELIEFS that are holding you BACK from INFINITE success with women.  It also shows you the RIGHT way to apply politically incorrect behaviors, as it’s NOT just about doing ANYTHING that is politically incorrect. 

When I say INFINITE success with women, I
MEAN it. Once you get past these politically correct barriers, you can get ANY outcome you want with the women you meet, and the reason for this is because political correctness has made women so confused that they actually CRAVE a man who can LEAD the way OUT of the TORTURE of political correctness for them.

They crave such a man so badly, that ANYTHING such a man wants is INFINITELY better to these women than what the politically correct men offer, even if the politically correct men are trying to please women and cater to women’s every politically-correct whim!  

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  • The DEEPEST understanding of political correctness and how it undermines men when it comes to attracting women, and how to liberate yourself from it: I delve deeper into this topic here than I have EVER done ANYWHERE else, and just being AWAKE and CONSCIOUS of this instead of ASLEEP like a zombie as most men are, is worth the entire cost of the program itself. 


  • Waking up to the FULL REALITY as I explain it here is the equivalent of NEO in the film “The Matrix” waking up to find out that just about ALL of humanity is actually ASLEEP and under the mind-control of “The Matrix”, and that he is one of the ONLY ones AWAKE, and that he can take ACTUAL CONTROL of his life and also accomplish ANYTHING and defeat “The Matrix” because the only obstacles it creates are in his MIND.

  • I give you a MIND-BLOWING look at how women ACTUALLY fantasize and get turned on when thinking about the IDEAL way they WISH a “pick-up” would REALLY happen.

  •  I actually PROVE to you how women think about this, and I PROMISE you that it is VERY DIFFERENT from how MEN are hard-wired. So different, in fact, that virtually NO MEN ON THE PLANET are aware of these secrets I will show you. 

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                                               BIOLOGY OVERRIDES POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

That thing is BIOLOGY.

And I knew that in that magical moment with this woman in the supermarket as well.

I knew that her first reaction would be a bit of caution. A bit of surprise, as well, since most men are so politically-correct, they would never approach her out of the blue like this.

So I didn’t eject.

I understood what was happening.

I stayed right there, as calm as a gentle breeze. My expression as relaxed as can be.

There is no internal conflict in my mind. I know I am doing the right thing, and I also know that her biology will take over the political correctness given a chance to do so.

As the moment settled in, she cracked just the slightest touch of a smile, and began to push her cart toward me.

Now, I’m not going to go into all the details of the pick-up here, but I do want to explain a MASSIVELY IMPORTANT POINT:

By framing the interaction IMMEDIATELY as that of man and woman, as that of sexual interest in her, two things happen:

1. First of all, yes, there may be a moment of initial MILD DISCOMFORT, and this is PURELY a result of political correctness. And personally, I don’t feel this, I just feel bad that women and men have been so punished by political correctness.

2. But the REWARD for you, is that once you pass through this moment, EVERYTHING that happens after that moment is building up SEXUAL MOMENTUM for the both of you.

                                         POLITICALLY CORRECT vs POLITICALLY INCORRECT

The reason why women can react that way is because of
political correctness. We live in a society that BATHES us in this OCEAN of political correctness that tells us it is WRONG for men to approach women, to express interest in women, to take the lead, to be sexual, and so on and so forth.

Women are told non-stop by endless messages that men are dangerous and evil and rapists. Men are made to feel SHAME, and so are women, if they experience what should be the most natural thing in the world between men and women-the natural state of flirtation.

This is why most men, if they even dare to say ANYTHING to women they are attracted to, tend to say things that are PERFECTLY SAFE. Something like "nice purse"- a comment on her PURSE!

The problem with such a comment is that it may be "safe" and politically correct, but it conveys ZERO about your interest in her as a WOMAN. It is the kind of comment that would come from another

But here’s the thing: No matter how far, how deep, the political correctness goes, there is something MORE powerful that OVERRIDES political correctness.

Recently, I met a gorgeous brunette while out doing some grocery shopping.

I spotted her while in line to check-out, and she was actually leaving the store, without any groceries. I cut out of the line, taking the cart out of the store with me, in order to stop her.

Clad in blue denim shorts, and a short-sleeve shirt, her curly locks imbuing her an extra touch of femininity, I drank in the sight of her.  She was grabbing a cart to take inside. 

I opened her with a point-blank statement about my first impression about her, that she was a beautiful woman.

I didn’t say these words with some kind of desperation or even some kind of expectation.  They were merely an expression of my feeling as a man for her.

And this is the important part that I want to reveal to you: She DIDN’T smile immediately. She DIDN'T "do cartwheels" to show her approval and excitement.

In fact, her expression was more like a “deer in headlights”.

Allow me to explain to you why this reaction is a HUGE part of what actually ended up making her ATTRACTED just moments later in the pick-up-it's MASSIVE to your success with ALL women.

                                                 THE "MAN-WOMAN DYNAMIC" IS ESSENTIAL

You build sexual momentum because your approach has made it so that she UNDERSTANDS that this IS a MAN-WOMAN interaction, and that there is NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT.

So she has really only two choices, either ignore you, or JOIN you in this magical thing called man-woman CHEMISTRY, if you happen to be a man that KNOWS how to do this. (And in a world where almost NO MEN approach her, chances are she WANTS to play.)

Compare THAT to what so many guys end up doing, in order be ‘safe’ and not offend and to not be politically incorrect.

They will say some kind of remark like that PURSE comment: “That’s a beautiful PURSE you have there!”.

Yes, it’s pretty SAFE. It’s politically CORRECT. But it could come from a man who is gay, it could come from her girlfriend, it could come from her granny!

Unless you want to start a PURSE COLLECTION yourself, this is really NOT the kind of dynamic you are trying to create with her!

The key is not just to TALK to a woman, but to create the FRAME of sexual flirtation, political correctness be damned.

And by the way, regarding that pick-up, I did a whole
"LOTTA" politically incorrect things that got her smiling, embracing me, even getting so passionate as to swear about things she felt strongly about in dating and relationships. And she was a classy woman, a really positive person as well.

At one point, she was so attracted, she started asking me what kind of women I liked-if I liked younger women, older women, adventurous women, etc., instead of just asking me if I liked her, which I thought was obvious or I wouldn’t have been talking to her.

Now imagine, if I had ejected just because she didn’t do cartwheels of excitement for me at my “politically incorrect opener” for the conversation.

When it comes right down to it,
sex and sexual attraction are simply NOT politically correct.

There is no aspect of passion between men and women that IS politically correct.

"Politically Incorrect" Pick-Up

Michael Marks.