It contains 55 of my MOST POWERFUL "RULES" for attracting women ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

These 'RULES' are PURE GOLD, and have been gleaned from over 13 years of REAL LIFE experience at both "picking-up women" and long-term attraction, and of course from 13 years of teaching men of every type from ALL OVER the WORLD, on how to walk up to women ANYWHERE and attract them ON THE SPOT.

It would take MANY THOUSANDS of dollars, and at least 13 YEARS to be able to get these kinds of SECRETS to attracting women.

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I have distilled these secrets to attracting women into 55 RULES, that you can IMMEDIATELY put into ACTION when you see women.

There is no complicated THEORY here, there are just SPECIFIC ACTIONS and STRATEGIES for you to TAKE in
whichever situation you find yourself in with a woman you want to ATTRACT.


The Rules For Attracting Women


* How to create the right vibe before you even SAY a single WORD.

* The frame of mind you must ALWAYS have.

* What do to for success with women long before you even meet them.

* How LONG to stay in the interaction with a woman.   

* When to STOP talking and let her CHASE you.

* The right balance between being serious and playful, and when to do each.

* What to do when you can't think of anything to say.

* The RIGHT way to compliment a woman.

* When is the RIGHT time to ask for her number, the right time to kiss her, and the right time to escalate.

* The BEST ways to "open" a conversation with a woman, depending on the situation.

* The RIGHT way to show you are "cool".

* How to attract gorgeous and fit women who are working out hard at the gym.

* The truth about "smiling" around women-most guys do this wrong and actually LOSE women's attraction!

* How to keep your state of mind STRONG.

* The RIGHT thing to do if a woman tells you she just got out of a long-term relationship.

* How to develop the right TONALITY in your voice, and the right EXPRESSION on your face.

* The BEST ways to create rapport and a deep connection with a woman you just met!

* How to customize your pick-up SPECIFICALLY for the woman in front of you, so you don't come across as a cheesy pick-up artist who uses the same lines on every woman, but rather someone who made a very custom approach JUST for HER.

* Some of my personal favorite strategies for meeting women in bookstores, supermarkets, on transit, and other common places where you find women all the time!

* How to use whatever she says to you as FUEL for the conversation to keep on going!

* The right way to give women compliments so that they actually HELP you succeed!

* How to develop CONFIDENCE with women so that it is not an act, but rather 100% real.

* The BEST ways to deal with the kinds of tests women give men to determine if the men are truly "men" in the greatest sense of that word.

* How to COMBINE being the best of both worlds to women- a GENTLEMAN with a touch of being a BADASS.

* What you MUST know about meeting and attracting women at prestigious or exclusive events.

* How to behave in bed to make a woman ADDICTED to you.

* An important rule to RID your mind of any INSECURITIES you may have about "performing well" in bed.

* The rules regarding FOREPLAY to get a woman super-excited and CRAVING to have you.

* A powerful, yet easy-to-use rule on how to talk to a woman to get her into a sexual state of mind where she can't help but picture herself being in bed with you and loving it!


* How to SCREEN women for having the right personality traits.

* Where to meet up with women for "Day 2" after you attracted them initially.

* What to do to attract a woman who is in middle of a group.

* A crucial rule for LONG-TERM attraction with women.

* What to do when other guys hit on your girlfriend to get RID of them AND attract her to you even MORE.

* How to keep the "physical stuff" between you and her EXCITING.

* The RIGHT way to show her that you are thoughtful that actually INCREASES her attraction to you.

  And much, MUCH more! 


No matter WHO you are, this program is A MUST.

If you have been following all my programs for YEARS, then this program will make you even BETTER at attracting women by giving you the DISTILLED strategies of 13 years in a CONCENTRATED form, that you will be able to APPRECIATE FULLY because you have the ADVANCED BACKGROUND in them.

So you will be able to REVIEW what you learned in a very EFFICIENT way, and all masters KNOW that the secret to GREATNESS is to KEEP THE KNOWLEDGE FRESH IN THEIR MINDS, otherwise things get RUSTY.

And if you are NEW or NEWER to learning from my programs, this is an AMAZING way to get an introduction to 13 YEARS worth of pure GOLD strategies and insights for attracting amazing women.

The VALUE you are getting in this program in terms of MIND-BLOWING EFFECTIVENESS for attracting women, in every SECOND of this program, is PRICELESS.

Even if you randomly go to ANY moment in this program, you are going to land on the FINEST, MOST EFFECTIVE, PURE-GOLD-LEVEL strategies for attracting women.

And this program can be downloaded to you INSTANTLY so you can use it RIGHT AWAY to attract women.

Michael Marks


I have also been demonstrating how it all works by having my students and myself prove it on women in real life in front of other students, and in full view of the media, for 13 years.

And over that time, I have also released the GOLD STANDARD in integrity and quality when it comes to programs on success with women, each new program revealing NEW and URGENT strategies, techniques, and INSIGHTS into all the key aspects of attracting women, from how to approach and attract women ANYWHERE to how to KEEP the attraction strong LONG-TERM.

That is a true LIBRARY of materials for success with women, and EACH program is ALL-NEW material, with NEW and VITAL keys for even GREATER success with women.

And now, for the first time EVER, I am releasing a program that contains some of my ABSOLUTE BEST STRATEGIES of ALL TIME for attracting AMAZING women.

Golden Tips On Attracting Women


The cost of a program like this, with so much CONCENTRATED value for attracting  women, is normally in the HUNDREDS of dollars.

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Is there anything better than seeing a gorgeous woman SMILING at you, and having her TOUCHING you,

and even TRYING HARD to please you?

It really is one of those things that makes life worth living, and I've spent the last 13 years DEVOTED to showing men the most EFFECTIVE ways to attract women who are gorgeous, and who are also the kind of
women that are truly the total package-women who would make for great long-term girlfriends-women who are warm, intelligent, and loyal.

And for 13 years, I have been conducting bootcamps and workshops where men don't just learn theory from me, they actually take what they learn and prove it in front of their own eyes as they approach and attract beautiful women everywhere. And the attraction happens INSTANTLY.