How To Attract A Woman, And How To Pick Up Women, Tips By Michael Marks The Dating Wizard On How To Attract Women.

Michael Marks.

"Unleashing Your Power With Women"

What I am about to tell you goes COMPLETELY AGAINST EVERYTHING you have EVER heard from women. In my own life, what I am about to tell you was something that I MYSELF simply could NOT believe at first, because all the attractive women I had ever met ALL told me the very OPPOSITE of what I am about to share with you.

Women, especially attractive women, will tell you how HARD it is for them to meet a GOOD GUY.

They will tell you how most men are JERKS.

I still remember, to this very day, the very FIRST time I heard this from a beautiful woman. I was in high school, a school that I had to FIGHT to get into, because it was co-ed, and my parents wanted me to STAY at the very special, private school that was a boys-only school, and where I had a scholarship.

But I wanted to meet girls SO VERY, VERY, VERY badly, that I PLEADED with my parents to let me go to a co-ed public school.

Anyway, this gorgeous little creature whose name shall remain private, she appeared like a vision out of nowhere the first time I saw her in drama class, and I overheard her talking to some classmates, saying how ALL GUYS ARE JERKS. And then, upon hearing some protest from some guys in the class, she reluctantly and half-heartedly uttered that only “MOST GUYS ARE JERKS”.
So all this talk from women and from the men who promote this message from women, leads men to believe that the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for a woman when it comes to choosing a man is whether he is a JERK or a VERY CARING AND THOUGHTFUL GUY.
And when women say that men are JERKS, they always bring it right back around to saying that the reason men are jerks, is because “men CHEAT”.
So men start to think the number ONE thing that women WANT from a guy is his LOYALTY, his FIDELITY, the fact that he will NEVER CHEAT ON HER.

And BELIEVING THIS is what DESTROYS the success of most men.
The TRUTH is that women’s number ONE priority for choosing a man is NOT how FAITHFUL he is.
Now, I need to make my point even CLEARER, in terms of what this MEANS:
What it means is that a woman would MASSIVELY PREFER to be with a man who CHEATS on her, if he is also a man who BEHAVES in a way that shows CONFIDENCE and AMBITION.

Do you fully ‘”feel” what I am saying here?
The man who is going to be FAITHFUL to her, but who is not CONFIDENT and AMBITIOUS, is going to LOSE OUT to the man who is going to be UNFAITHFUL TO HER, but who is MORE CONFIDENT AND AMBITIOUS.
And by the way, what most men THINK in their mind is the definition of confidence is actually NOT confidence.  What most men THINK is confidence is just a thin VENEER of confidence, and is about a MILLION TIMES LESS INTENSE than what REAL CONFIDENCE looks like, feels like, sounds like.
Whatever YOU think confidence right now is, I want you to take that concept and INTENSIFY IT BY A MILLION TIMES.  THIS is the kind of confidence you need to radiate.

Now, please don't get the wrong idea here, but let me give you an example of the insane confidence you need to have. It comes from a real life observation.  I personally do NOT use THIS next example as my OWN behavior, because I have OTHER ways to show confidence, but the example is POWERFUL nonetheless:

I was conducting a bootcamp, so the example was particularly memorable. We were in a supermarket, and my client had successfully gotten an attractive woman to not only give him her number, but also to gladly sit down with him at the coffee shop inside the store, where she also bought him his coffee!  

Anyway, after this, we were walking around the store, and ANOTHER super-hottie was walking in an aisle.  A gorgeous black-haired statuesque woman with the face of a supermodel was with some dude, and the guy had this look on his face as if he could care less.  And she is in some girly and happy mood, doing some kind of dance and walk at he same time.  He or she picks up something from the shelf, and as she is singing to herself and dancing, he lets out this BIG BURP.

The kind of BURP that 99.99% of men would NEVER, EVER do in the presence of ANYONE they didn't want to OFFEND.

So, do you think this woman was with this guy in SPITE of this behavior?

Or possibly, it is THIS very BEHAVIOR that although on ONE hand she might DISLIKE, is also at THE VERY SAME TIME the VERY THING THAT MAKES HER ATTRACTED TO HIM????????????

Remember, ATTRACTION and LIKING are NOT necessarily the same thing.

And her response to him was a light, slightly sarcastic but not really UPSET remark of: "That's great." And THIS attitude of his, was CLEARLY not an ACT. It was REAL confidence. He wasn't doing it ON PURPOSE to TRY to piss her off, he just simply was SO FREAKING COMFORTABLE, he didn't hold himself back one TINY bit.

But what do MOST men do, especially in a society that tells men how HORRIBLE they are, and how they must TREAT WOMEN LIKE WOMEN ARE GODS??????????

I'll let you answer that yourself.

And the ENDLESS PROFESSIONS OF LOVE by men, that they are going to be FAITHFUL, and endless statements and promises to women from men, saying how loyal they are going to be, and how great they are going to treat the women- all this usually only ends up PROVING to women that the men are NOT that confident, because if the men WERE so confident, they would NOT feel the NEED to TRY SO HARD TO TELL WOMEN HOW FAITHFUL THEY ARE GOING TO BE!!!
I know, this all sounds very SCREWED UP, doesn’t it?
Well, it’s the TRUTH.

Are there exceptions?
Sure, but they are so rare that it is NOT wise to run your life by the exceptions.
I’m not telling you to become a CHEATER.
I’m telling you that the fact you aren’t a cheater is only of ANY value to a woman AFTER she is CONVINCED that you are the ABSOLUTELY INSANELY CONFIDENT AND AMBITIOUS.
I bring up the ambitious thing, more for the men who are a little older.  The guys in their late teens and early twenties, it really doesn’t matter because it’s just not a big deal, and for the women who just want to screw around, it actually is never a big deal. But as far as actually COMMITTING to ONE man, it becomes more important with age.
It’s because women look at a man and say to themselves,
"What is HE happy with? Why is HE not trying to make the MOST of his life in SOME way?"
But let me REPEAT:
Attractive women will ALWAYS PREFER THE GUY WHO CHEATS ON THEM but who is also the CONFIDENT AND AMBITIOUS GUY compared to the guy who would NEVER CHEAT on them but who lacks the confidence and ambition.

The REASON women complain and say all men are JERKS and CHEATERS is because the ONLY men they even REMEMBER are the men they actually DATED and SLEPT WITH and HAD RELATIONSHIPS with, and guess what????


SO EASY, in fact, do women make it for men when men display THESE characteristics, that it takes a very UNUSUAL man to decide that he SHOULD focus on just ONE woman, when after all, all the women he meets tend to be about the SAME! They ALL want to sleep with him, and they want to sleep with him FAST, and they want to do everything in their power to make him THEIRS and THEIRS ALONE!

It’s kind of like INFLATION. All these women trying so hard for him just makes the whole thing worth LESS.

So, what I will do for you is REVEAL to you NEW insights, strategies, and techniques for INCREASING your POWER, your CONFIDENCE, and your ability to SUCCEED in ANY GOAL YOU CHOOSE.  

It’s so simple.  GET this power, both in terms of CONFIDENCE and ACTUAL success in LIFE, and women will become so EASY for you, that you are going to become SPOILED SILLY by women and you are actually going to have to REMIND yourself that there EVER was a TIME where women seemed difficult!

It’s going to become so FREAKING EASY, it’s going to seem as if it’s almost “not fair” that you have such an INSANE ADVANTAGE.

REMEMBER: What women SAY is all based on the men they ALREADY want, and they aren’t even aware of WHY they want these men.  So they are thinking of the kind of men they WANT, and THEN it is THESE men they wish were FAITHFUL and NICER.

So STOP focusing on how to be so NICE, since you probably already HAVE that part down pat.

It’s the OTHER stuff you need to get that is the HIDDEN TRUTH that women ALSO want from you, and in fact want even MORE, as judged by women’s ACTIONS and not their WORDS.

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The big thing with me is TRUTH.
This is not some kind of MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH.
It’s actually sharing with you the SECRETS that NO ONE ELSE is talking about, the secrets you NEED TO KNOW for MAXIMUM POWER with women so that women actually CHASE YOU and not the other way around.

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