The SOLUTION for your success with women is about INFUSING your interaction with this SEXUAL vibe. It’s not JUST about taking action, but about taking action that is characterized by sexual and flirty undertones.

In my latest and most CUTTING EDGE release, called UNLEASHING SEXUALITY, you will learn IN-DEPTH about how to get OVER this BARRIER that prevents men from unleashing SEXUAL vibes.  You will learn to UNLEASH your FULL SEXUAL BEING when you INTERACT with women.

You will also learn EXACTLY how DEEP the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE against YOUR mind, and against heterosexual men’s minds in the western world, has gone, and you will learn how to FREE YOURSELF from it.

In order to DEFEAT THE SYSTEM, you first must SEE THE SYSTEM for what it TRULY IS, and for how it TRULY WORKS.

And in this special program, I show you how this system WORKS ON YOUR BRAIN. 

The reason I do this, is because if you do NOT understand EXACTLY how this system is screwing with your brain, you tend to think the situation is not as horrifying as it really is. If you don’t think that the system is screwing with your brain, you have no reason to CHANGE. 

But if you understand THE FULL EXTENT of what is going on, you will ABSOLUTELY feel the MOTIVATION and the FIRE in your EMOTIONS.

And that INTENSITY of motivation for UNLEASHING your FULL “ANIMALISTIC” sexual self is KEY for ATTRACTING WOMEN, even if these women are "good girls".

Unleashing Sexuality

I want to explain to you the SOLUTION for attracting women.

Attracting women should be EASY. It CAN be easy. And in our society today, where most men see TONS of women, including women who are SINGLE, be it in person or through things like online dating, it should be the EASIEST THING in HISTORY.

We are HARDWIRED as a species for men and women to be attracted to each other. And the fact YOU are here, means that for THOUSANDS of generations your genes have been successfully passed down again and again and again and again.  In other words, your genes HAVE been good enough to attract the opposite sex for a LONG, LONG, LONG TIME.

But yet, the TRUTH is, most men find it almost impossible to have the success they want with women.

Let me point out ANOTHER irony, and THIS irony is related to the ABOVE irony:

We are BOMBARDED by more images of sex, of nudity, of every sexually enticing idea possible, than EVER before in history.  You can’t walk down the street or turn on your computer or television without being BOMBARDED by it.

                                                                        THE PARADOX

And yet, do you think most men today are even ONE SHRED of a bit more LIBERATED when it comes to how they feel INTERNALLY about being sexual with women?

The answer to that is not only are most men not feeling ONE SHRED more confident, liberated, and free with women than previous generations of men, but actually are made to feel INFINITE FEAR AND “SEXUAL SHAME” about EXPRESSING and COMMUNICATING their interest in women when it comes to TAKING ACTION with women for real.

In fact, it may very well even be that because REAL LIFE success with women is made so tough today for most men, that this SKYROCKETS the demand for ARTIFICIAL versions, e.g. porn, video games, virtual reality women, etc.


The reason for ALL this is because men are made to feel today that they will be NEGATIVELY JUDGED by others for expressing their interest in women, ESPECIALLY in an HONEST way that doesn’t dress it all up in POLITICALLY CORRECT mumbo-jumbo that
WATERS DOWN the SEXUAL HEAT of the whole interaction.

If you’ve ever thought about approaching women you’ve seen in public, be it a bookstore, coffee shop, or anywhere else, you KNOW EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

                                                               And here’s the KICKER:

This FEELING itself, the feeling of being SHUNNED for your very EXPRESSION of INTEREST in a woman, is the BIGGEST problem, because even if you DO take action, this FEELING will TOTALLY DAMPEN and IMPEDE any possible SUCCESS you can have!

It causes you to behave in ways that SAP OUT all the SEXUAL ENERGY from the FEEL of your conversation, your interaction, and your general VIBE with women. You end up coming across as a robot, not as a sexual MAN.

                                               WOMEN’S REACTIONS TO YOUR SEXUAL VIBES

Now, the thing is, you can’t JUST go into an interaction and be sexual with women, because the same system that screws up men also screws up women, but in a different way.

Women WANT you to be sexual in your interaction with them, but they also feel this certain need to RESIST and PUSH YOU AWAY, as a result of the fact that this society SHUNS those who seem to be sexual, unless you happen to be a ROCK STAR.

In fact, one of the reasons people DO worship rock stars is because it’s one of the few SOCIALLY PERMISSIBLE ways to PUBLICLY AND SOCIALLY COMMUNICATE and EXPERIENCE SEXUAL vibes without getting SHUNNED for it.

So you need to effectively deal with THAT aspect of women’s responses to you as well. And I explain how to do this in this program.      


                                                  NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF WOMAN SHE IS

Also, it’s important to realize that when it comes to THIS aspect of attracting women, it doesn’t matter if a woman is a “good girl” or “party girl”, and it doesn’t matter if she is promiscuous or if she is looking for THE ONE for life.

The bottom line here is that if you aren’t ATTRACTING HER on a PRIMAL, animalistic level that appeals to her in an overwhelming way, then she is simply hanging around because of some OTHER reason, be it convenience, boredom, or possibly, if she is a bad girl, to use you.  Without INTENSE ATTRACTION, ultimately she will leave or have an affair.

But if you are attracting her on this MOST PRIMAL level, you will have her addicted to being with you because one thing no one can get enough of is PLEASURE.

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This program focuses on the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of success in attracting women, no matter WHO you are.

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Michael Marks