​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   A Glimpse Of Just SOME Of What You Are Going To Learn In This Important Program...                                  
                                      Infinite Empowerment

Many of the BIGGEST mistakes that men make with women actually have something in common:

The mistakes are the product of overcompensating for insecurity, and this is true whether a guy is a "Nice Guy" or even a "Bad Boy"!

Yes, "Nice Guy" AND "Bad Boy" behaviors are rooted in INSECURITY, and that's why NEITHER of these types of men get the BEST women.
In fact, these behaviors NEVER solve the insecurity. Instead, they REPEL women and make the problem
even worse.

In "Warrior Within", you'll learn to unleash your natural infinite sense of empowerment so that you OBLITERATE the feelings that cause most men to engage in unattractive "overcompensating" behaviors.

                                     Eradicating "Outcome Dependence"

When you approach a woman and feel that there is a lot riding on the outcome of your approach, you
become plagued with "outcome dependence".

The intense focus on what may or may not happen ends up creating a huge "internal drama" that DESTROYS your attractive personality.
Then, to counter this "internal drama", most guys then feel the need to create an even BIGGER "motivational" drama to muster up the nerve to talk to a woman. This type of thinking just adds even MORE pressure and makes the approach go even WORSE!

All these pressures, fears, and nerves SHOW in a man's voice and behavior.

So this often means a man fails before he even starts.

I'm going to show you how to spark HER desire to open up about herself, so that SHE'S doing the talking and you can relax!     

But it gets even better!

Making A Powerful Connection

Since SHE'S talking, this results in you being able to now LISTEN extremely well and learn more about HER.

By getting a woman to speak about herself first, you now have the chance to learn about her and
understand her on very deep level.  This allows you to make a powerful CONNECTION with her!

You can now have tons of the RIGHT THINGS to talk about, since you have so much relevant information about her!  

Listening to her not only gives you insight into her personality, which helps you make a powerful connection, but it also does something else:

Now that your mind is no longer held back by the "internal nervous chatter" of "What do I say to her?" that was taking up all your mental energy, NOW your NATURAL charisma kicks in, since you aren't worried about "what to say".

You will then be in a far more resourceful state of mind, and a far more empowered state!  The pressure isn't on you anymore, since she is the one telling you all about herself and wanting to talk to you!

Now that the "fear virus" of "What do I say?" is gone, you don't need to use "pick up" lines, since your CORE is now just EXPRESSING itself naturally, commenting on the things she is saying, and also adding your own new thoughts!

                                            Skyrocketing The Sexual

This just makes her want to know you even MORE now, and so you both start a cycle of getting to know each other on a deeper and deeper level-and this will SKYROCKET the sexual dynamic between the two of you as well.

The essence of human social communication is about GENUINELY VALIDATING each other.

It forms the deepest ROOTS for why humans do ANYTHING. There is no pain on earth worse than having one's sense of self "DISCONFIRMED", or "invalidated".

And it all starts with getting to know who she genuinely IS.

Since you have just done that for her, she will instinctively want to do that for you, giving you the
opportunity to reveal your core identity to her.
When a man and woman can truly do this, it is the highest form of intimacy on earth.

What do you think having the highest level of intimacy with a great woman is going to do for your sex life with her?

That's right, it's going to take it THROUGH THE ROOF.

Most men NEVER even get to this point of having a great woman WANT to truly find out more about them-
they get "shut down" before this can happen.

And yet, this is the most crucial, defining point of any successful conversation with a woman! I'm going to show you how to do all this - how to attract a woman by revealing your core identity, and getting her to reveal hers, without using any games, and without using any lies or any type of manipulation.

                                      Creating The Most Powerful Beliefs

The results we get with women in our life are largely a product of our own BELIEFS, yet most men will NEVER take charge of their own beliefs, even if those beliefs are sabotaging them for life!

Through the power of having these DVDs at your fingertips, I am going to "be right there" with you to show you EXACTLY how to do RID yourself of destructive beliefs.

You will learn how to TRANSFORM those destructive beliefs into EMPOWERING ones, and you will take on the beliefs of your internal WARRIOR.               

                                    Channel Fear And Anxiety Into POWER

You will learn to CONFRONT your fears regarding dating, women, and your own potential - you will grow STRONGER than you thought ever possible.
This is not a simple process, most men actually do more HARM than good in the way they try to do this.

I'll show you exactly HOW to do it the RIGHT way, and how to apply it  to any social interaction you are having with a woman.

                 Using "Free Association" To Excel At Keeping Up A Conversation
You are going to learn how the "FREE ASSOCIATION" principle will make you FANTASTIC at having spontaneous,
charismatic conversations with women.

All you are going to need to keep a conversation going with any woman is the ENVIRONMENT around you!

I will show you HOW to do this, so that you NEVER have to worry about "What do I say?" again.
                                    Giving Her Safety
You are going to learn how to make a woman feel completely SAFE with you, so she feels it's okay
to totally go wild and "play" in that naughty way you both love.
You'll also learn how to naturally keep the right BALANCE when it comes to being playful, which is very important so that she feels she can trust you to be a MAN, and so she can feel that you are not a CLOWN who could not protect her.

Most guys get into being playful with a woman, get a good result, and then KEEP ON GOING. They keep on
going until long past the time they should have already stopped.

I'm going to show you how to instinctively feel when is the right time to STOP the playful vibe and when is the time to POUR IT ON.

Remember, for a woman, sex is usually not a joke. ESPECIALLY if you are trying to get a girlfriend for long- term potential, she needs to know that this isnot something trivial or all playful.

At the same time, if you are too serious, you will creep her out.  After learning the "playful cycle", you will never have to worry about this issue ever again.
                               "Calibration" And How To Instinctively Master It

Calibration refers to using all the ingredients and tools of social interaction in the proper amounts and to the proper degree for the specific woman or women in front of you.   

So for example, if you are dealing with a woman who lets you know she has been hurt by guys in the past who
disrespected her, it would be absurd to use humor at that point and tease her on that, even though you may know that in general humor is a good idea.   
Most men are constantly using things in the wrong context, which causes them to lose the interest of the
woman they are talking to.  

In fact, calibration goes even beyond adjusting for the specific woman in front of you and also includes adjusting your communication for the specific situation and environment in which you find a woman.

For example, chatting to a woman you just met at a loud party where everyone is lively is going to require a different calibration than speaking with a woman you just approached at a quiet bookstore.

I'll show you how to get an INSTINCTIVE feel for proper
calibration, so that you will have this issue solved for good.       

                Prevent Her From Sabotaging Her Own Wish To Be With You
A great woman will test a man to see if he is a good person or not.

Sometimes a woman who has been hurt, will actually do something OUT OF CHARACTER for herself.

For example, she may say something a bit rude, NOT to see if you are "tough" to put her in her place because of that, but to see if you put her in her place because YOU YOURSELF DEMAND HIGHER and therefore, in her mind, she feels that you probably also will GIVE more respect to her as well.

A LOT of guys will simply RUN FOR THE HILLS when a woman on the first date or two does something that seems out of character for her.

The problem with this, is that these men don't realize how to get a woman to actually be her TRUE self,
which is far better than her "act" she is putting on for you, all out of a desire to protect herself.

I'll show you exactly what to do to get a woman to be her true self, so that you will see how to apply this for
ANY situation that comes your way.

You will see SEVERAL examples of this in the program, so that it's crystal clear to you.

The kind of woman who is a true gem will NEED to SCREEN YOU to see if you are TRUSTWORTHY just as
much as she is also screening you to see if you are the master over your fears.

They will often ask you questions in disguised forms to see what you would do in certain situations.

I'll show you exactly what to do, and you will see live demonstrations of how men respond properly to these
screening tests, so that your mastery over this skill is ensured.

                        How To Also Apply Everything You Learn For Successfully

                       Attracting A Fantastic Woman When Using Internet Dating!

You already know that there are TONS of internet dating websites out there.  The question is not if you can meet a woman off the internet, the question is, how to meet a GREAT woman off the internet.

I used to think this was IMPOSSIBLE.  Now I know much better:

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to use the internet to actually get the kind of precious woman you deserve.

Learning how to use the internet properly can save you TONS of time and actually help you target your search so that you get exactly what you want.

In this program, you'll even get to see the exact successful online dating profiles that have actually worked for men in the real world.

Just this ALONE is worth the cost of the entire program, but you'll learn all this and much, MUCH more.

             Save Yourself Years Of Learning The Hard Way. Take Action Now.

This program is the only one of its kind I've ever actually recorded, because my standards for having only the HIGHEST QUALITY CONTENT are so high.

I refuse to release anything unless it is new material that is massively effective at helping men get the results they want with the kind of high-quality women that truly ADD to your zest for life.

This program is a complete transformational EXPERIENCE. After going through all the deep-level exercises in this program, it's IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO NOT CHANGE.

Most of what you see out there from "experts" is rehashed information that you have heard a million times before. But you won't find that with this program.

This program is all NEW, and it's all HARDCORE, LIFE-CHANGING information that you will use to attract a fantastic woman.

How many YEARS have you let this part of your life hold you back from being as happy as you can be?

How much money have you spent pursuing the WRONG women?

How much more PRODUCTIVE would you be in your career if you had this are of your life MASTERED?

How much would this program be worth to you if it saved you from finding out TOO LATE that you had done all the WRONG things and pushed away a FANTASTIC woman?

I know this program will keep on paying you back in every way for the rest of your life: It will save you
emotional energy, it will save you money, it will give you renewed energy and vigor because a great woman
gives you POSITIVE energy.

This program will also save you YEARS of time, from learning all these lessons only after it's all too late.
And it will save you REGRET, that kind of painful regret from knowing you did all the wrong things to the very
BEST kind of woman.

                                            What This Program Costs

Putting together this program was an enormous undertaking, as I knew that this had to be the most powerful, the most intense, the most massive INTERNAL-CHANGE program I have ever created.

I had to sacrifice over two YEARS of my time and take off that time from all other projects in order to focus on this event, and then I spent many more MONTHS on creating the final edit so that you get the absolute best learning experience from the program.

That's two years where I could have easily gone "commercial"and released a DOZEN less-than-ultimate-quality programs, and I could have easily charged $400 for each of them.   

Just to make up for the cost of all that TIME, it would make sense to charge at LEAST $4,800 for this INFINITELY SUPERIOR program.

Men came from thousands of miles away to experience this program, costing them airfare, hotel stay, and other living expenses in addition to the $600 cost of the live program itself.

However, I want this program to be experienced by every man who wants a great woman, so I went to the extreme to make it affordable.
I've gone to the DEEP END of insanity by making this important program available for only $297.

If you tried to get all the information from this program yourself, it would cost you at least a hundred times that because there are thousands of cutting-edge, diverse components from completely different fields ranging from psychology to physiology and much, much more, that are all included together in this one program.

It would likely also cost you a DECADE of pain, having to learn it all the slow and hard way.

Within the dating field, my work is already known for being the very best there is, the most accurate, and the most honest. It's the reason I was the official coach for the men in the Toronto Star's "Get A Relationship Challenge" where I personally trained the men not only on how to do "pick-up", but also on how to actually get fantastic women for great relationships as well!

I take the TIME to go beyond what others in the field could ever dream of doing. It's the reason I was teaching men how to attract women without using pick-up lines ten YEARS before the rest of the so called "experts" even figured out that this was possible.

I'm also the guy who was YEARS ahead of the rest of the field, and still is, regarding the absolute truth regarding political correctness and how to overcome it to succeed with women. 

And I'm also the man who was YEARS ahead of the rest of the pack on how to get a great girlfriend. If you want a great girlfriend, you are not going to get her by focusing on picking up drunk, promiscuous women and trying to see how fast you can get a "make-out" going. (Which is what most "experts" on YouTube are known for.)

I truly care about helping men get great women-great in every sense of that word. And I truly "know my stuff" and know how to help you. So for my most powerful and advanced program EVER, the current price is howling MAD insanity.

This program is 8 HOURS of my top GOLD on attracting the very best kind of women out there, in the most NATURAL way possible, without any gimmicks or sleaze. And it is content not found in my other programs.

Each topic is also conveniently titled which means you can easily use this program both now and in the future if there's ever a topic you want to brush up on to keep yourself in tip-top condition for attracting women.   ​

                        Special Warrior Within BONUS Video: Changing Your Body

For the ULTIMATE attractive power, you want to ALSO look your best, not only because it's attractive, but
more importantly because of the way the brain is actually hardwired.

Your mind and body are deeply connected.

If you want to change your psychological and emotional state, you need to change your physical state as well.

The two can never be separated.

For over ten years, I served as a personal trainer and I can tell you that absolutely nothing beats the knowledge gained from years of experience and from boundless passion as well.

I've seen supposed "experts" who didn't actually train much themselves end up training others in ways that
were either a waste of time or downright harmful!

You are going to get the absolute best info on the topic of changing your body as I share with you the most
powerful secrets I've learned from champion Olympic weight lifters, long distance runners, nutritionists,
and health and wellness professionals.

Not only will you learn to change your body which will skyrocket your confidence and self-esteem, but proper
exercise releases natural chemicals into your body that put you in a state of infinite confidence.

Also, when you achieve NEW progress and you break new records in your work-outs, your self-concept changes
and you grow internally as well.

Working out the right way also triggers the release of NATURAL testosterone in your body, which is the very
chemical essence of masculinity.

Truly, for the greatest success in attracting a fantastic woman, you need to have this information as well.

Getting these kinds of special insights from professional trainers could easily cost you in the hundreds or even
thousands of dollars, judging by the cost of personal training sessions.

But you'll get it all as a special bonus video with this powerful program, because I believe it's THAT important
for your success in getting the absolute best quality woman out there.
Click Here To Download And Start Using This Program To Attract Quality Women Right Now!

The time to get the woman of your dreams is NOW, and this is the most powerful program to help you do it.

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Michael Marks            


Enter The "Warrior Within" Program

Welcome to Warrior Within

This program is the ONLY time I have ever recorded any of my live seminars.

It's your chance to truly become a master on the deepest level, to become a WARRIOR WITHIN.

Ultimately, mastery of attraction is a product of your INTERNAL development.  This is often known as
"Inner Game".

However, this is absolutely NOT a game.
It's who you BECOME.

It's the way to get results with the very BEST women, and all withOUT playing games.

Nothing on Earth can match the results you will have with women when you transform yourself on this
deepest level within.

                             Make This Happen For Yourself Once And For All

With this comprehensive program, you have total control of your learning experience: If you need to repeat something, just rewind, freeze frame, or slow down - so you can PERFECT the deep internal
changes required for getting this part of your life truly MASTERED.

When most men go up to a woman they want to chat to, or when they are on a date and want to go for the kiss, or when they want to escalate things to ANY level, including a relationship, the same things almost ALWAYS happen:

What happens is men feel  helpless, not knowing what to do or how to do it.  This confusion causes all confidence to MELT and disappear!

And then, all the WRONG emotions rise up.

This is all the worse when you are dealing with those rare, quality women, because those opportunities
are so precious, that no man can afford to keep screwing those opportunities up.

With this program, you'll know EXACTLY what to do, and you'll also DO IT.

                                       What "Warrior Within" Will Do For You

"Warrior Within" will skyrocket your results with women, whether it's your first "cold approach" walking up to her as a total stranger, or whether you are trying to attract a woman you've known a long time.

In this program, you'll also learn the most advanced ways to DETECT a quality woman, which will save you
precious TIME and precious EMOTIONAL ENERGY.

Once you have completed "Warrior Within", you will be equipped so you can NATURALLY approach, attract, and keep a fantastic woman long term.

You'll also know EXACTLY what to do to progress to a greater level of intimacy with a woman, from first meeting, to being under the covers, to being in a fantastic relationship that gets even BETTER with time.    

You will also know how to handle the "tricky" issues that arise in any dating situation, and you will know how
to understand what a woman's real underlying concerns are. You will be able to have a "drama-free" relationship that most men think is impossible.

Plus, you will have that kind of ULTIMATE attraction and connection from a great woman that gives you
so much more of what I call the  "VA-VA-VOOOM!" of life that makes you look FORWARD to every day.

Plus, you will learn how to develop razor-sharp wit, confident humor, attractive body language, unstoppable
confidence, and a "vibe" that sparkles and creates a natural magnetism in you that the very best women
have been dreaming of finding in a man since they were little girls.

                                           The Purpose Of "Warrior Within"

This program is designed to get you the kind of woman who is the "total package", beautiful inside and out.  It's also been made especially so that you can KEEP her attracted to you long-term.

In addition, this program has been designed so that it's EASY to learn. The program feels very natural, and is

completely free of "pick up lines" or any manipulative tactics.

You may not have thought about this, but the fact is that a great woman, who is not only attractive, but who is also loyal, intelligent, and fun, has an inner strength as well:

She is not the kind of woman who can be manipulated through the sleazy deceptions and "games" of "players".

She sees "sleaze" for what it is: A form of WEAKNESS which is a product of FEAR.

A quality woman is not interested in the timid guys or the player guys.  The timid men try to compensate
for their fears by acting overly nice, and the 'players' try to compensate for their fears by acting arrogant.
In both cases, she is repelled by the weakness.

She is also extremely courageous, because she doesn't need to have FOLLOWERS or approval from society or her peers in order to do the right thing.  She has an INTERNAL moral compass that does not falter under pressure.

Do you think such a strong woman is attracted to a man who needs to hide behind a "pick up line"?

Of course not.

And she's not attracted to the "generic" guy either who is so afraid of rejection that his conversation can
never go beyond boring topics like the weather or negative topics like the news.
A woman wants a man who is strong enough internally to make her feel feminine in his presence, and to make
her feel protected, intrigued, and TURNED ON.  She also wants a man who makes her feel ALIVE by lighting
up all the "'emotional receptors" in her mind.   

Women, just like men, are mostly driven by PRIMAL emotions.  If you aren't hitting these primal emotions,
everything else you do is useless.

You can speak to a woman about all the LOGICAL reasons she should be with you, you can speak till you're blue in the face, and it will mean NOTHING if you aren't actually triggering her EMOTIONS.     

Meanwhile, if you ARE affecting her on a PRIMAL level, then no matter what anyone ELSE tells her, she will WANT you--even if the whole WORLD tells her to stay AWAY from you!

It's the reason why women, when under the "spell" of your charisma when you do this, end up calling you
and saying things like "I can't stop thinking of you."     

                                       Why The "Games" And "Faking" Fails

When men use "memorized lines" or cheesy games to approach women, the women always sense it.

For the quality women, it just isn't enough for a man to do an "act".  

One of the things women are searching for in a man is his 'inner strength' which has nothing to do with
'pick up lines' but rather everything to do with the way he communicates with her on all levels, including:

  •     The way he understands her.
  •     The way he touches her.
  •     The way he speaks and moves.
  •     The way he handles the people around her.
  •     The way he sparks intense emotions in her.
  •     And much, much more.   

Pick up lines just don't show any depth to a man's character, so a quality woman who is looking to connect with a great guy will simply end the interaction if a man uses them.

Getting a great woman attracted to you has nothing to do with pick-up lines or methods of attacking a
woman's self-esteem or her confidence, and it has nothing to do with putting on a "show". 

The Link Between Attraction And 'Warriorship'

The Big "Attraction Irony" Of Our Times


The insane IRONY of our generation is that it is not the majority of MEN who have learned how to attract the opposite sex, but rather it has been women who have been learning the skills of how to attract men!

Plus, on top of these attraction skills that women have learned, it has also been women, not men,
who have been immersed in a culture of support and confidence.

These things FURTHER improve women's "attraction power"!

For example, women have been conditioned to become empowered and inspiring, in a society that constantly tells them the following things since childhood:

"You go girl!!!"
"Girl Power!!!"
"You don't need men's approval!!!!"

It's also WOMEN who tend to develop social skills early on in their lives, including the skills of humor,
rapport, bonding, and much MORE!  

Meanwhile, from a young age, men tend to NOT focus on attraction skills nearly as much, AND men are also not empowered as much!

Men are told to kiss up to women, and are bombarded by messages that virtually brainwash men into apologizing for BEING men, as if all men were rapists and abusers of women.

All these things end up WEAKENING men's ability to attract women, especially the women who are "in-demand".  
In fact, to make a woman feel feminine, a man must be of even HIGHER dominance, HIGHER assertiveness, and HIGHER confidence than her.

He must DESTROY his fears, especially all his fears regarding every element of approaching women, attracting women, and escalating things physically with women.

When a man has all these fears vanquished from his mind, he is also able to spark emotions such as intrigue, adventure, and mystery, and he enhances the level of sexuality and intimacy that women experience with him. His supreme confidence and sense of security allows him to build a rock-solid connection with women as well as an unbreakable sense of mutual trust. The result of all this is women become ADDICTED to this man.

The reason why so FEW men have these skills of attraction is because men get the wrong advice.

For example, men hear the following dating advice that seems to be everywhere: "Be yourself".

Unfortunately, most men think that "be yourself" means to remain ignorant about the skills of attracting women.

But you must think of this ignorance as not the real you, it's no more "genuine" than you would be if you never went to school.

Learning things doesn't make you artificial, it makes you ENRICHED.

A fantastic woman who has got it all and who has CHOICES, demands to be with the kind of man who has DONE this work on himself.  

In my video program, called "Warrior Within", (which you can download INSTANTLY or stream at your convenience) I will show you how to spark the entire ARRAY of awesome, intoxicating, addictive emotions in women so that no woman can get ENOUGH of you.

Plus, in this program, you will ALSO learn how to build a supremely powerful connection with a woman.  Attraction alone is fantastic, but it's not ENOUGH for the long-term: In order to KEEP a woman attracted long term, and in order to prevent negative "drama", it's crucial to build mutual trust, understanding and bonding for the ultimate connection.

And of course, I will also show you the MOST EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL WAYS to destroy all your fears, so you can reach MAXIMUM "attraction power".

By combining ALL of the above, you will have the most incredible women on earth ADDICTED to you.

You are also going to learn to do all of this in a way that feels TOTALLY NATURAL, and has nothing to do with memorizing "pick up lines" or performing any type of "act".  In fact, what you are going to learn is going to make you do all the right things with women AUTOMATICALLY without even thinking about it.  

When it comes to getting the very BEST type of woman, the kind of woman who is gorgeous inside and out, you can't rely on "pick up lines" or any other "act".

Instead, you must DEVELOP a confidence and charisma that naturally attracts a woman of the highest quality.  

When you become this kind of man, you spark an ENTIRE ARRAY of intoxicating, addictive emotions that she can't get enough of from you.

At the SAME TIME, you also convey strength and depth about your character, and your sense of security allows you to create an intimacy built on the most supreme connection with her as well.

Because of the actual development that you have made within yourself, you do all these things without even consciously thinking about them. 
It's part of who you BECOME.

The development also FREES yourself from the "web of fears" that tend to hold men back from success with women.
Getting over the fear of the initial "approach" is just ONE of those fears that you conquer naturally from this development.

There are also many other fears that you conquer from this internal development, including the fear of losing a woman, the fear that maybe she likes someone else more, the fear of seeming "uncool" or silly, the fear of rejection, the fear of ridicule, the fear of being disrespected, and many, MANY other related fears.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

A Major Secret About Quality Women

A Once-In-A-Lifetime-Experience

P.S. As you go about your day-to-day life, you WILL meet that woman who is everything you’ve been looking for…and since she is a "Genuine Gem", she will probably only give you one shot.

She gets approached by all the WRONG guys so often that she has learned to be very CAREFUL, and she's learned to instantly SHUT DOWN the guys who don't "get" what it means to be the kind of man she is looking for.

When YOU bump into her, aren't you going to want to know you are READY to show her that you are "the one"?  If so, you owe it to yourself to grab this program NOW, before you meet her.  There's nothing worse than the feeling of screwing it all up with a rare, fantastic quality woman, and blowing away your chances into oblivion.  

Get this program now by clicking here now-and when you meet that special woman, you'll be glad you did.         

P.P.S. This program is designed to transform you into the type of man that a truly fantastic woman, inside and out, DREAMS of getting and KEEPING.

If you’re serious about being one of these elite men, instead of the majority of men who will only fantasize through TV and movies about getting such a woman, then grab this program now.