STAYING MOTIVATED is of PARAMOUNT importance for optimum success in building the body you want.

And in this program, I also teach you how to STAY MOTIVATED so that you are in it for the LONG HAUL, and so that it becomes a part of your LIFESTYLE.

I show you the SAME strategies that I and the professionals who taught me use and have been using for DECADES to STAY MOTIVATED and to stay on course.

Working out and proper nutrition are not just “strategies”, they must be A WAY OF LIFE along with the workouts in order for you to get MASSIVE RESULTS.

Just a TINY bit of progress each day adds up to MIND-BLOWING PROGRESS over the course of MONTHS.

Then, when you SEE the results, of course, that will make you NEVER want to go back to ANY other way. 

The way you LOOK, the way you FEEL, the self-esteem JUMP, the confidence, the attention, will make it a "NO-brainer" and the easiest decision of your life to continue in this way.

But to make sure you GET there, I have included the most important tips for STAYING on track and STAYING MOTIVATED not only for the WORKOUTS but also for the diet and nutrition program.

This program is designed for men who want to be more than in just excellent condition-it is for men who also want to GAIN MUSCLE and not have to resort to steroids or any drugs whatsoever.

This program will show you how to pack on muscle NATURALLY, and how to get into great cardiovascular condition, which means get your heart in excellent condition as well. And it will show you how to get LEAN and how to eat in an optimal way that is EASY for you to practice in everyday life.

And I’ve gone to the ends of this earth to keep it all CONTENT and absolutely NO FLUFF whatsoever.

And even with keeping things to STRICTLY GOLDEN CONTENT, there was STILL so much that this program is over one and a half hours!


And I’ve made this program INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE so you can start using it IMMEDIATELY.

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Working out hard with WEIGHTS actually causes your body to release TESTOSTERONE, which is the very ESSENCE of what makes men MASCULINE in the first place!

It’s what makes you feel turned on around a woman, it’s what makes you aggressive, it’s what builds muscle, and it’s what makes a man’s voice manly.

There is NOTHING more arousing to a woman, nothing that makes her want to be FEMININE for a man, more than the POLARITY of her femininity contrasted with a man’s MASCULINITY.

Testosterone is a HUGE PART of what makes you A MAN, and PROPER weight-lifting actually cause your body to produce MORE of it, and totally NATURALLY without ANY side effects!

And so I decided to do something SPECIAL, that has been on my mind for YEARS.

You see, my OWN background was in weightlifting and personal training. I was lucky enough to have gone to a tiny high school that was located inside of a massive fitness center, and we were trained by the top guy, a really cool dude, who created all the fitness programs for the center. 

He was a true athlete, from martial arts to football to basketball, to swimming, you NAME it. And he knew, even back then, how weight training, combined with cardiovascular fitness, made you a SUPERIOR ATHLETE and not a worse one.

I ate it all up; I couldn’t BELIEVE that I was getting all this INSTRUCTION from a professional who was LIVING proof of everything he taught.

I loved working out so much, even at 15 years old. And it SAVED ME in later years when I was confronted with so much stress from every angle. I loved working out so much that sometimes I got in trouble for being in the school gym instead of in class! 

When I got to university, I searched for a NEW instructor and a NEW place to further my knowledge, and I was lucky AGAIN, or maybe it’s like that saying goes, "when opportunity meets preparation"...  I found a gym that had the only OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING FACILITIES in the city.

Pretty soon my love for it all led to me studying this topic in-depth and working officially in the gym, IMMERSED in this world of hard-core lifters.

And a newly arrived, ex-Hungarian Olympic weightlifting champion was training his OWN SONS there! Working at the gym, I learned A UNIVERSE of important strategies for strength training from him.  And being in that environment, seeing the incredible DEDICATION and PROGRESS in his own sons, was the greatest inspiration ever.


                                                           ONE: BUILDING MUSCLE

Building MUSCLE is not just for muscle-heads. And when you are building NATURAL muscle, you don’t have to worry about looking like a steroid-freak.

Muscle looks GOOD.

Muscle also BURNS more calories than fat, so just standing around burns more muscle than the same body without that muscle.

Without having to look like a steroid-freak, muscle also LOOKS masculine. Muscle is built by TESTOSTERONE, which is why women can’t build the same level of muscle as men, and why women wouldn’t look FEMININE if they DID.

But for a MAN, muscle just looks MASCULINE.

And although women aren’t as VISUAL as men, they ARE interested in MASCULINE men, and so the MUSCLE PROVIDES DATA to their brains that you indeed ARE masculine, on a very raw primal level.

When you look in the mirror and SEE the extra muscle, it also makes you feel MORE CONFIDENT.
It BOOSTS your self-esteem.

Seriously, this is even why a lot of women prefer ARROGANT men over self-deprecating men.

So the SELF-ESTEEM boost helps you in that IMPORTANT way for attracting women as well.

Plus, the WORKOUTS THEMSELVES that build this muscle will give you the HIGH that puts you in that UNSTOPPABLE STATE OF MIND, and women will DETECT THAT STATE OF MIND AND BE ATTRACTED TO IT.

State of mind is HUGELY important in attracting women and in pick-up. A woman basically is “picking-up” on the vibes you are giving off, and the vibes you are giving off are what women tend to BOOMERANG back to you.

And don’t forget that building muscle and the hard workouts RELEASE testosterone, which actually PUTS you in a more turned on and masculine state.

When you are giving off an upbeat, positive, sexual, turned on state, women tend to BOOMERANG their own sexual state back to you. They DETECT your states of mind subconsciously through all the body language and vocal signals you are giving off.

PLUS, when you work out and you PUSH past previous barriers and you break your own records, you develop a sense of POWER AND BELIEF in yourself that you indeed CAN SMASH THROUGH ALL PERSONAL PREVIOUS LIMITS, and this applies to

In fact, it spills over into YOUR ENTIRE life- business, friendships, dating, personal passions, hobbies, and goals-EVERYTHING.

You IMPROVE IN EVERYTHING because you SEE how all the limits are things you can BREAK THROUGH.

Working out became my best friend. Those happy, healthy, no-side effect chemicals were JUST as important as the PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATIONS I made. It helped me gain confidence, gain a good attitude, deal with fears and anxieties, and it gave me a masculine sense of confidence with women.

And now, I have created a truly AWESOME program for your OPTIMUM PHYSICAL CONDITION.

It is CRUCIAL to me that this new program is on the SAME STANDARD as my other programs, and that just like the other programs, this one would be ALL CONTENT, and NO B.S.

And believe me, over the years, just like in pick-up, there have been ENDLESS gimmicks in working out. 



 This program also gives you THREE workout options to CATER to your TIME ALLOWANCES. 

Option ONE is if you can work out FIVE DAYS A WEEK. 

Option TWO is if you can work out only THREE days a week.

Option THREE is if you can only work out TWO days a week.

I created these OPTIONS for you because I live in the real world, and I KNOW how time and energy are not always PERFECT.

And no matter WHICH option you choose, even the TWO DAYS a week option, you will notice AMAZING results. Of course, if you can do the full five days, it’s even better.


This is ANOTHER area where I cut through all the B.S.

I keep it SIMPLE but also give you EVERYTHING you need for building muscle and staying healthy.

I answer exactly how much protein you should consume, how often, and from what sources.

Same thing with carbs, and all the info you need about fruits, veggies, and water, to keep it PRACTICAL AND EASY TO DO.

Proper nutrition keeps your energy level stable, and it allows you to build MUSCLE.
Without it, you simply WON’T build muscle, and you won’t have maximum energy.

Plus, I also teach you how to
DEAL WITH CRAVINGS so that you can actually SEE results, such as seeing your ABS VISIBLE and see DEFINITION as well as SIZE in the rest of your body.

And in this nutrition program, you are even allowed to ENJOY your favorite foods every week! You will NOT feel deprived, but rather energized and you will enjoy the nutrition program-and like I said, you can STILL enjoy your favorite foods in it!

                                         PART THREE: STAYING MOTIVATED


Michael Marks

The No-B.S. Program for Working Out


Anyone who knows ANYTHING about attracting women knows that INNER GAME is of absolutely MASSIVE importance to your success in attracting women.

Women can DETECT your state, your confidence, your comfort with being sexual, in an INSTANT.  They size you up quickly on this, and they do it unconsciously. They make up their minds, instinctively, on whether they WANT to get sexual with you or not, in the BLINK of any eye.

And throughout the years, I’ve known the MIND and the BODY are connected in ways that go far deeper than most people realize.

When you are in PEAK CONDITION physically, your state of MIND goes THROUGH THE ROOF.

Your body actually releases CHEMICALS into your bloodstream NATURALLY.

These chemicals give you a NATURAL HIGH that make you feel GREAT.

They make you feel EMPOWERED to do ANYTHING.

And there is no negative SIDE effect!

Scientific studies have actually PROVEN that the effect of proper exercise is the SAME effect as taking DRUGS that put you in a GREAT state of mind, but without the negative consequences!

And the same studies have also shown that going WITHOUT proper exercise is the same as taking a DEPRESSANT and making you feel like doing nothing but sleeping and moping around.

And it gets even BETTER, because of something else proper resistance training produces in your body: