Testimonials from People Who have Written to Me

 "My God. Michael.. has changed the way I look at not only every single interaction I have with women, but the way I actually experience the entire world. To say “thank you” is ridiculous, how do you sufficiently thank someone with words, someone who has changed your life in the most powerful way? By the way, I am doing so insanely well with women, that I feel humbled by the power, I am not going to abuse this. I hope the world gives you the credit that you deserve for creating this masterpiece."

Gregory, UK.

Hey Mike, I’m not a very “formal” guy, I haven’t ever written a single letter to any guy for any product ever. But man, I just had to write in to you, because I have never been so empowered in my damn life!!! I’m a pretty successful dude, own my own business, and never did too badly with women, but it was all luck back then. I would go sometimes years between relationships, hoping and wondering when the next great woman would come into my life, IF it ever happened. Well, I got your series three weeks ago, listened to the whole thing in a few days, where every night I got almost no sleep because I couldn’t put your stuff away. It’s the truth man, I could not sleep because you made me realize that a totally different reality was so damn close, and that nobody on Earth but me was holding me back. There were some serious changes I had to do to my totally screwed up previous thought patterns and understandings of the world. It was scary, man, but accepting the truth was so  liberating, and ultimately so much more of a fun way to live life! And to think that this was the way to attract women, it’s insane! This is not only attractive to women, it feels damn good!! Why on Earth would anyone want to live any other way???

Anyway, I’m sending this to you as a testimonial, a form of thanks, that I hope you print and I hope some good guy out there reads this and realizes that he can change his life with women, and that it won’t take long IF he is prepared to accept what you say.

Sincerely, Ronald P. L.A., California

Hey Michael,

Man! I just came in from being with the most incredible woman I have ever met. I feel like maybe somebody is going to pinch me and I’m going to wake up from a dream where I got this guy’s system, a guy who calls himself “The Dating Wizard”, and that I basically put it to the test, and had a choice of many awesome women, and then chose one, and then got her. So, even if this is a dream, I’m still going to write you a letter, because that is what I would do in real life to say the most heartfelt thank you on earth.

Thank you, Michael, and I hope I never wake up from this dream.

Best regards, Harrison K. NYC, USA.

"Just think - when it comes to women, a man believes the more beautiful she is the more money, time, effort, looks, and luck he needs. So he does one or more of the following: buys a fancy car or house or gifts for women, spends hours waiting around at clubs/bars, worries himself to death to make an impression on a particular girl because he doesn't believe he is worth her, buys the standard clothes to not offend or get unwanted attention, and just asks the stars like a kid asks Santa Claus, to bring him beautiful women.

So if you just leave this up to fate, or to Santa, you are looking at thousands of dollars plus months, years, and possibly forever studying a way to figure it out, plus low self-esteem, wrong fashion thinking, and false hopes."

"My advice is to get your butt to Toronto, take Michael W's bootcamp, relax, and understand this process will save you so much in the long run. You’ll get the wake-up call of your life as you learn the facts of the dating reality that no one else reveals and you will actually be applying what you are learning in the bootcamp: There’s no other way to learn these skills and get the facts shown to you in real life demonstrations on real women in all types of venues. It’s a mind-blowing experience you won’t forget."

Jason, Atlanta

"I have one word for your book: Awesome! I just finished reading it last night, and today, got a phone number from a waitress, and an email from a girl on the bus. And these girls are gorgeous!"

Don S., Houston


I want to thank you so much. Your book reveals all the pieces of the puzzle. I feel like the guy in Matrix when he realized how he had been fooled all these years. Your book gives me for the first time a totally logical reason to not be weak or as the girls call it, "nice" and "good". And, as you say, the techniques are almost irrelevant- they're really good, but I think that once you apply the ideas and concepts in your book, to be, as you say, "THE MAN", then whatever comes to mind is right and sensual.

After a bad break up , I realized that I needed to learn more about women, and since then(6 months) I've been reading a lot of stuff, practicing some of them. Everybody had a point or two to say but I don't know why, no one is revealing everything, these guys live in a scarcity mentality and they must fear that if they revealed how to be a man... they're afraid they are gonna lose their women? Or they don't know? I'm very sorry that I've discovered your book after all the technique oriented guides, but anyway, I'm getting whiny here... Your approach is complete, there's no need for other systems...What a complete waste of time... After soaking in your book, I can simply be cool, and not be ashamed for wanting women. I don't treat them like queens, they're humans as well.

Be THE MAN. So simple and so powerful! I can't describe how I feel after reading your book. You should raise the price because you deserve it, and because I think that will help people realize the value of your material. I know that I'm sounding like a cheap commercial but I want to thank you for everything, even hug you, (don't worry, I'm not ... you know). I don't even have a question because, if I think like THE MAN, the answer is there.

Thank you,

PS: feel free to use this email at your site, no problem at all. ps2: I can't imagine what happens at your seminars, lucky Canadians.

Giannis, Greece

"I've read so many other books on the subject and they didn't help. I have a particular problem in that I'm great with women at friends' parties, but terrible with women in public places. After an email consultation with you about the places that seem to make me freeze up, you explained and broke through my internal fears and now I'm totally confident with women, anywhere. Just wanted to let you know."

Kevin F., Chicago

"Michael, I'm currently dating a girl I met at the mall who should be on the cover of a magazine! I can't believe that just a few months ago, I would have only dreamed about this type of girl. It wouldn't have been possible if I had not read your book. Thanks, man."

Stephen M., New York City


I decided to send you a testimonial, I am so happy with the results. Funny thing, I took your course on a whim, just as a lark really, not really expecting things to change.

Here we go:

I took Michael's live seminar recently, in Toronto and here after approx. 1 month are some my personal results from seriously applying just a few of his techniques.

1) I changed my wardrobe immediately as advised. I looked great! Amazing what the right outfit can do for one's ego. Oh yeah, the shoes make the man so its said, and now I believe it, so I got a new pair of stylish shoes too.

I had to step outside of my comfort zone, as Michael suggests, and actually follow his suggestions. So a few days later, I am in the lineup at Blockbuster video, and two gorgeous women are ahead of me, and no one behind me or in front of them. I made a comment about the movie they were renting, and right away we got into a conversation about movies, and we were all laughing and having fun. I did not go the next step of asking them out, as it was a little beyond my comfort zone. However, the first step worked great, just like Michael said it would. Playfully tease on something. I simply said the movie they were renting was great if they wanted to go to sleep in like 10 minutes. They said that it "must be a guy thing", it was a romantic movie they were renting.

Before taking the course, I would have simply figured they were way out of my league and resigned myself to being a loser and left "wishing I had said something" just like EVERY OTHER TIME!". It was all so simple, all I had to do was actually follow the steps Michael gave.

Next scenario: I met a woman at an association I belong to. I had seen her before several times, too scared to ask her out let alone carry on more than a quick hello and how are you, so I found out whatever I could about her through other sources.

She was really beautiful, and other guys commented. But none of them had the guts to make a move either, so it was all talk, and no action. I simply struck up a conversation with her, next time I saw her, about our common interest, next thing you know, she extends her arm out, and wants to go for a private walk with me. Again, I just followed a few of the tips from my notes from Michael's counsel.

She went away for a week, I did not see her, I left 1 phone message for her to call when she got back. She did...and was all over me.

(P.S. This is the censored and edited version of the letter, I can't include all the details he wrote here for obvious reasons. -Michael)

Hell, I did not even take her out to dinner. I did nothing that I have previously done for years, such as buy flowers, spend a fortune on expensive restaurants, (most of the time I was lucky if I even got a bloody kiss from some of these women, who somehow were under the impression I was not good enough for them. Go figure and good luck!"

Now honestly, when Michael was teaching the stuff, my mind was thinking "bullshit", this ain't gonna work for me.

In closing, this man knows what he is talking about and is quite sincere about what he is teaching. beg, borrow or steal if you have to, take the course, and watch your life change for the better. Good luck!

Note: this letter was unsolicited, and sent by myself as a way of saying "thanks".

Ralph Woods , Toronto, Canada

"A lot of guys think you shouldn't have to learn this stuff from a person or a book. Well, that's good for me. Because after reading your book, I know what they don't, and I have even less competition."

Brad T., Miami

"After my girlfriend broke up with me, I thought my life was over, and that I would never be able to find anyone as beautiful as her. For over one year now, I struck out with every woman I tried to approach. I decided I had nothing to lose and gave you a call. You showed me the weaknesses in my approaches, and you set me back on the right mental track. Since then, I've been finding that the women I approach practically offer themselves to me!"

Brian P., U.K.

"... How's it going? I just want to let you know that I was blown away by the info you told me in the phone consultation. I started putting it to use the next day. I think I'll cancel my cable bill, since I'm getting too busy dating to watch TV."

Bill R. Montreal, Quebec

"I never wanted to be a jerk or use manipulative techniques. I'm glad I got your book, because I can now get women and still sleep at night with a good conscience."

Tommy Z. Seattle

"I am having the time of my life after years of what felt like monastery life. Thanks, Michael."

Jack K. Toronto

“My confidence has skyrocketed. Michael's instruction at the bootcamp was patient, devoted, passionate, and effective...”

Samuel T., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

“The bootcamp gave me everything I had hoped for from this experience. I wish it had existed ten years ago.”

Tom K., San Diego, California, USA

“This was definitely the experience I was looking for, non-stop approaches with higher calibre women in top venues. I really appreciated the way Michael smoothly transitioned me into more challenging situations, from demonstating and then winging with me and then helping me control the interactions completely on my own.”

Daniel F. Seattle, Washington, USA

“Michael taught me the true meaning of what it means to be "in state" and how this generates the states of mind in women that you want them to be in, and he showed how all this fits within the larger context of still controlling the frame in a FUN, not malicious, way."

Ian R. Cambridge, UK

“Thanks to Michael's Bootcamp, I am finally free of having to memorize material and feel like a fake. His insight into human communication and emotion opened up a whole new universe to me that allows me to approach women from a very powerful internal place that translates into very effective interactions with any women I choose. Michael also has a way of teaching that is both demanding yet incredibly supportive, which helped me grow immensely over the duration of the program."

I learned how to keep the sexual tension and the flow of the conversation, as well as how to escalate the interaction. During the bootcamp, I also experienced how being determined to get a woman is not desperation if you know what you are doing, and that in fact it's crucial to your success.

Jim W. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“My entire vibe has improved from body language, inner beliefs, my clothing styles and accessories, my sense of humor, and my tonality. Also, I have a sharper understanding of the reality that attractive women are in, because I can now see and feel for real what it's like to have choices and to come from that frame, which in itself helps my interactions with women. I need to help gel all this together by getting out there as much as possible to take advantage of the incredible momentum I now have after the bootcamp. I'm now also able to finally understand the mistakes I make so that I can improve with each interaction instead of just hoping for things to get better with time. I have a structure but I don't worry about material."

Matt D., Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

“My sticking point used to be, "What do I do after I open them???" I would run out of things to say and get stuck and have to eject. I now have obliterated this problem and in fact now see how the problem was rooted in so many misunderstandings about women and also in my previously weak frame control and weak sense of humor. I don't need a "plan" anymore for what to do at any point with women, because I have learned the structure from Michael of all successful interactions, and I have learned the critical skill of calibrating a woman, and this allows me to know what is best at any time without having to go in with some kind of previously worked out “plan”. It feels far more natural this way, is way more enjoyable for me, and probably is more fun for the woman this way as well.”

For the first time, I can actually confidently approach women anywhere, anytime, no matter how beautiful."

Jonathan L., London, UK

"Michael! I love you! I don’t care about the homophobic stuff, man, you are "THE MAN"! I got your series man, it’s off the friggin chain! It’s ridiculous, it’s damn addictive man! Not only do I get the answer, but I get addicted and want to listen to the whole thing all over again, because there is so much more I appreciate every time I listen to it. It’s insane. I don’t even care about anything else anymore, this is not right man, you have me addicted to your stuff! I have to remember to do things like eating because seriously man, once I turn your stuff on, I can’t get myself to turn it off, there is just too much important stuff in there.

I’m sure you get tons of letters like this, but I feel good writing to you anyway, it’s my way of expressing my appreciation for what you did. The crazy thing is that I used to use online dating as a “crutch”, and got “okay” results, nothing great. But since listening to your series and following it seriously, I realize that the reason I was using online dating was actually the same reason I was screwing up with women in real places like the mall or clubs or cafes, etc. I now have literally over a dozen smoking hot women that are calling me, messaging me, trying to get me to meet up with them, and I met all these women in person and one of them works at a local library.

Now that I finally understand and feel the big picture because of your series, I decided to dabble just for fun with online dating again, just to see what would happen. Well, I pretty much cleaned up online as well, in fact in an instant message, this super hot woman actually told me that she’d never met someone in real life or online who seemed so confident, comfortable, and fun, in her life. She even verbalized the words “it’s very attractive!!!” The thing is, I don’t see the point in online dating for me anyway, because it’s easier, more convenient, and more efficient, for me to just meet women in real life."

Kyle T., Wisconsin, USA

“What separates Michael’s seminar from anything else out there is that not only does he actually do this for real, and not only has he been demonstrating and teaching pick-up and attraction in real life situations and bootcamps for years, but he also has unequaled insight into the most crucial area of this game called “attraction”, an area that is overlooked by the entire “community”, an area that must be understood and mastered in order to optimize one’s success with women. Michael clearly and eloquently brings to life these critical yet overlooked dimensions of human psychology and sexuality in a mind-blowing and pragmatic way. These insights affect everything in your interactions with women, from your sense of humor to your “frame control”, to the way you calibrate each woman. There’s nothing else quite like it – you will walk away from the seminar forever changed.”

Ryan T., New York, New York, USA

“I’m the kind of person who likes to actually practice on women in privacy, so I needed a place where I could learn everything I needed about women in a practical ad effective way. The structure of the seminar allowed me to finally “get it” on a deep internal level when it comes to what to do when interacting with a woman, because every single thing that Michael taught actually made emotional sense. Not just cerebral sense, but emotional sense. This was the key that was missing from my game, and it is something I have seen absolutely no where else. No one else teaches this stuff at the level that Michael does. Not even close.

Michael has unlocked the door on the mystery of attraction by getting to the root psychological underpinnings of every attraction tactic  and technique that you have ever heard, read about, or witnessed in person.

James R., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Watching a successful pick up in person is not enough, it’s not sufficient if you don’t know or haven’t been taught by the instructor what is really causing the attraction. It’s not enough for someone to tell you what to do, because if you don’t know the real cause of the problem and the real source of attraction, then you don’t know how to fix a problem in an interaction that is not going as you like, and you won’t be able to calibrate a woman properly.

This seminar truly has transformed my life with women. I was able to immediately apply what I learned to meeting women even on my way back to L.A. I had the most wonderful three hour conversation, with an attractive woman ten years my junior sitting across from me, (who ended up sitting next to me thanks to my ability to make her feel both attracted and comfortable doing this) on the plane ride home. Before leaving, she not only gave me her email and phone number, but twice told me to call her, and even even mentioned to me exactly she will be home as the best time to reach her. So yes, this seminar is definitely the real thing."

Anthony V., L.A., California, USA

“This seminar goes way beyond just learning about fashion and style, (although those topics are very effectively covered). I learned how isolation and escalation with women is not about making something happen with a woman, but rather about making a woman want you to make it happen. I also learned about the different kinds of women out there so that I don’t waste my time on women whose values are polar opposite from mine. Michael gave me valuable observations about my beliefs, and he gave me insight into how to acquire the most empowering and accurate beliefs possible, and I have begun to see the fruits of these new beliefs, as for the first time I am actually getting meet-ups with attractive women and not just phone numbers that flake or are phony.”

Ken W., Thailand

Hey Michael,

Once in while, someone great comes along to revolutionize something critical in our lives. In our society, we have undergone great changes in the past few decades in the way most men and women perceive and relate to each other. Several have tried to “force” a solution, using half-baked and distorted theories of “alpha male” jerks, with monstrous side effects as a result, especially in regards to long term success with any woman.

What you have done is slay all the dragons, and instead found the real truth regarding the emotions that women crave and desire, and you have figured out how to create these emotions, in a way that has everything to do with the development of crucial dimensions within ourselves, and nothing to do with the manipulation of women.

Bravo, Michael. With your permission, I would love to bring your materials into the lectures I deliver at the university. I believe there is no other material that even remotely approaches yours on this subject.

Sincerely, Kenneth T. Perth, Australia

“I learned many crucial points at your seminar, including the importance of controlling my own frame, which I have learned is critical for being able to control the woman's frame, and most importantly, I have learned that my own frames are the product of my own erroneous self-perceptions that I was not even aware of, and that I had clung to for so long because I felt they were necessary. Now that I am finally conscious of it, I am able to let go of these self-destructive perceptions. Women have not been my enemy, it has been my own perception that I have needed to overcome. And that has been a most powerful and liberating revelation.”

Jacques Y. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Michael, you’ve saved me so much time through the in-person consultation. I wasn’t even aware of my body language and how it was coming across as if I was trying to gain women’s approval. I understand the differences between seeking approval and pushing it away and how to avoid both when appropriate. My body language is now under my own control and I have learned how women interpret it. You explained things in a way that I understood completely, including the structure of all successful interactions, and the real purpose of having any “material”. Thanks and keep up the great work you are doing for guys, and for the women they meet.”

Ryan D., Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“To use your own language, my paradigm has shifted, and it’s all thanks to the one-on-one consultation you gave me. The way you had an entire table of girls next to us captivated and enjoying the interaction, and the way you slowly transitioned into building a connection with one woman was very helpful in changing my perception so that I could believe this is all for real.

Right now, I am working on a lot of the internal beliefs that are my greatest hurdle, and I’ve been doing this not by sitting in my room, but by actually using what you showed me to approach tons of women. My heart is still pounding, but my confidence is growing and I am finally learning to enjoy the process of interacting with women. I am no longer a prisoner to my fears.

I’m not expecting miracles overnight, but I can already see the significant changes ahead for me as I continue to go out and apply what I learned.”

Carl W., Orange County California, USA

"I've read so many other books on the subject and they didn't help. I have a particular problem in that I'm great with women at friends' parties, but terrible with women in public places. After an email consultation with you about the places that seem to make me freeze up, you explained and broke through my internal fears and now I'm totally confident with women, anywhere. Just wanted to let you know."

Kevin F,. Chicago, Illinois, USA

“After several email consultations with you, my dating life has become the kind of fun it should be. I practiced what you taught me every weekend at local pubs, clubs, and bookstores, gradually improving and getting smoother each time.

It took a while to meet a girl that I really found attractive and was not into the whole clubbing and smoking scene, I met her at a bookstore using the insights you taught me, especially on creating that initial burst of “flare”, and on creating a solid connection – I can finally see now that this connection aspect is so overlooked by most guys as well, or they do it wrong, like I used to do, trying to connect, but doing it in a way that actually repulses a woman.

Craig M., Los Angeles, California, USA

“My phone consultation experience with Michael was greater than I had expected. It was amazing how he was able to immediately identify the issues that were creating my sticking points with women. There were tons of subtle yet crucial pointers he had for me on my delivery, my approach with women, even regarding the best fashion styles for me. Most importantly, he helped me see the specific inner game issues that are holding me back. I know where to focus my efforts now, I now know to hang in there and not eject out of a conversation just because things are feeling “weird”, and that ejecting sends the wrong message not only to the woman, but to yourself as well. Stopping this helps achieve congruency between your outer and inner game simultaneously.

Michael is a genuinely supportive guy who wants to see you succeed. He also explained certain realities that I was not even aware of, that I tested out, and this has opened up my mind from not even believing in some of this stuff to knowing it exists, for I have tested it in the real world. I could not believe how women really do respond to the kinds of things Michael explained, until I tested it myself.

John F., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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