The Dating Wizard Returns (E-Book)

This is an absolutely CRUCIAL book for your success with women. It is the result of thirteen years of experience, and is the follow-up to my very first book, "The Dating Wizard".

Personal Coaching (LIVE Service)

You can now also arrange convenient and personal one-to-one consultations with me about any matter related to pick-up, dating, attraction, or relationships. in-person or via Skype, telephone, or email.

Attraction Mastery Program

Customized Services

The Rules For Attracting Women (MP3)

55 of my most powerful RULES for attracting women, gleaned from ALL of my programs over the past 13 YEARS. 

The No-B.S. Program For Working Out (MP3)

Working out PROPERLY not only releases chemicals that make you  CONFIDENT, but it also releases TESTOSTERONE, which is what makes men MASCULINE and drives women WILD with desire.

Get A Great Girl (E-Book)

My MASSIVE book on the topic of getting a QUALITY GIRLFRIEND who is "the total package". Need I say more? Get this book NOW.  

The Dating Wizard E-Book

Click the images to learn more about these important programs for attracting women! 

Obliterating "Approach Anxiety" (MP3)

How to develop the confidence to approach women no matter how attractive they are, no matter what they are doing, and no matter who you are! 

Unleashing Sexuality (MP3)

The number one BARRIER to men's success in initially attracting women stems from not giving off enough of a sexual vibe. This audio program is about SOLVING THIS.  

30 Days To An Amazing Woman (E-Book)

In this MUST-HAVE program, you have EVERYTHING laid out for you, in an easy, step-by-step plan on EXACTLY what to do each day so that in 30 days you get yourself an amazing woman!

Instantly-Downloadable Programs For Success With Women

30 Days To An Amazing Woman

Customized Personal Profile For Online Dating Success

I will use my over 17 years experience writing successful online profiles for men to create your very own, winning, customized profile for you to attract women online! 

The Dating Wizard (E-Book)

This is the book that started it ALL. This book is an absolute MUST, and will establish your foundation for EVERYTHING regarding success with women today.

Unleashing Your Power With Women (MP3)

Women are attracted to men who radiate POWER in their behaviors, body language, tonality, actions, and  decisions. This program shows you HOW to do this, and is another absolute MUST-HAVE. 

Attraction Mastery (MP3)

My most comprehensive, IN-DEPTH program on attracting women, that contains over TEN HOURS of PURE GOLD on what you MUST know for ULTIMATE success with women. 

The Dating Wizard Bootcamp

(LIVE Program)

Learn how to attract women in

the most powerful way by learning

in PERSON, through the actual

experience of picking up women

and attracting them, with me as

your personalized and private coach. 

 EVERYTHING you need for ULTIMATE SUCCESS with women.

Politically Incorrect Pick-Up (MP3)

Political correctness forces men to avoid saying and doing the very things that are MOST important for attracting women. This ESSENTIAL program is the CURE.

Warrior Within (Video Program)

Women want confident men more than anything else, and this is the program for gaining supreme confidence with women at every step of the process-from first seeing her, to meeting up with her again and getting physical, to staying confident long-term.

Confident Humor (MP3)

There are so many reasons that making women laugh helps you in "picking-up" women AND in keeping women attracted, that this special audio program is an absolute MUST.